Coordinated School Health Program

"Healthy kids make better
students, and better students
make healthy communities."

Maine’s Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP) nurtures our children and youth to grow into aspiring, productive, and healthy adults.

Our Mission is to join together with families, schools, communities, and State-level organizations to build a coordinated school health program that promotes and improves the health and education of all young people.

Our Program connects health with education in the lives of children. A coordinated approach improves students’ health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, communities, and schools working together.

An effective Coordinated School Health Program can:

  • Reduce absenteeism and disruptive behaviors
  • Improve student academic performance
  • Better prepare students to be healthy and be productive members of their communities

For more information visit our Web site at, or call 207-624-6696 or 207-287-3856.

The Coordinated School Health Program is a joint collaboration between the Maine Department of Education and Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

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