Major Initiative

Improving Behavioral Health Services in Maine

The Department of Health and Human Services continues to work to improve prevention, the delivery of care in our communities, and treatment for those in crisis as well as those with persistent behavioral health challenges. Over the course of our work, DHHS will post updates to this page on efforts relating to the improvement of behavioral health services (which include mental health and substance use disorder services) in the state.


Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew

Maine's mental health system needs work – and it's already begun.

Fact Sheet

Coordination Across State Government

Under the Mills Administration, numerous actions have been taken across Departments to reach Maine people at risk and in crisis.

Mental Health Work-Group Presentation

Jessica Pollard, Ph.D.

Director Pollard presented "SAMHS Behavioral Health Priorities & Preliminary Plans" to the Mental Health Work Group on Nov. 1, 2019.

Pew Charitable Trust

Map and Match Project

In response to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services' (DHHS) invitation for technical assistance, Pew relied on publicly available data and data shared by DHHS to create a series of maps that depict the behavioral health provider community across the state, including providers of medication-assisted treatment, the capacity of licensed behavioral health agencies, and recovery residences. Pew also conducted a review of approaches that other states have used to map the capacity of behavioral health treatment providers and connect patients with appropriate care.

The next phase of the initiative, or "match" part, is identifying the human and technical solutions that will allow individuals to be quickly connected with the appropriate care.

Memo - Maine Behavioral Health Capacity - Oct-11-2019 (PDF)