Health Care Oversight

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Certificate of Need

Health Care Oversight reviews and recommends either approval or denial of projects undertaken by health care facilities or other covered providers. In Maine, CON review is required for the acquisition, expansion or development of health care services or facilities. Some actions require CON review if they cost more than a threshold amount. These thresholds are indexed each year for inflation.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCR)

To operate a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Maine, a person must submit an application to the Bureau of Insurance (BOI) for a preliminary Certificate of Authority to operate a CCRC. If approved, Certificate of Need Unit (CONU) provides certain assurances to the BOI in order for a certificate to be granted. See 24-A MRSA chapter 73 and 10-149 CMR Chapter 5, Section 72.

Hospital Cooperation Act (HCA)

Pursuant to the Hospital Cooperation Act of 1992, a hospital may apply to the Certificate of Need Unit [CONU] for a Certificate of Public Advantage which will authorize the hospital to enter into a cooperative agreement with another hospital in the state if the likely benefits resulting from the agreement outweigh any disadvantages attributable to a reduction in competition that might result from the agreement. See 22 MRSA chapter 405-A and 10-144 CMR Ch 500 for the application, public hearing and decision process.

Free Hospital Care Guidelines (FHCG)

This rule establishes guidelines for the free care policies of hospitals for services including minimum income guidelines to be used in determining whether individuals are unable to pay for hospital services. It sets forth procedures for notifying patients of the availability of free care, determining who is qualified for such care, and annually reporting the quantity of free care provided.