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Concise Summary: The adopted rules take effect January 1, 2015 and include the following changes: (1) for greater clarity and to avoid confusion, the adopted rules delete from Section 1 any duplicate sentinel events that are listed in the Appendix A of the rules; (2) for consistency, a number of definitions that were closely aligned with National Quality Forum (NQF) definitions have been amended to adopt the NQF language.


The Mandatory Sentinel Event Reporting statute became effective May 2003. The State of Maine recognized the need to respond to healthcare safety issues by establishing a law that would require hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, end stage renal disease facilities and intermediate care facilities for people with intellectual disabilities to report certain serious events (unanticipated death, permanent loss of function, surgery on the wrong body part or patient, suicide, sexual assault, abduction or discharge of a patient who is unable to make decisions to other than an authorized person) to the Division of Licensing and Certification within the Department of Health and Human Services.

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