Continuity of DHHS Operations

View DHHS' Continuity of Operations Plan (Word)

The need for a DHHS Continuity of Operations Plan was prompted by the prospects of an influenza pandemic. The plan is now designed for use in any severe operational crisis of any kind

The purpose of the Continuity of Operations Plan is to:

  • identify the Critical Functions that the Department must continue to support during a crises;
  • detail plans for continuing these operations;
  • describe how communications and decision-making will occur during such a crises, and;
  • outline plans for post-crisis period and the restoration of DHHS operations that may have been suspended during the crisis.

DHHS defines 'critical functions' as those that are essential to protecting the health and safety of Maine people who are unable to care for themselves, and for whom the department is directly responsible.

We invite anyone review our plan.

If you are interested in more information about all types of influenza in Maine, including the H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu), please visit the website of DHHS’ Center for Disease Control & Prevention at