Division of Contract Management

The Division of Contract Management exists to provide support to DHHS through the effective management of purchase of service agreements. As a Division of 30 staff, we review, approve, and process over 2000 agreements per year. We also provide management tools for recording agreement information and performance as well as technical assistance regarding agreement development and management.

Division staff endeavor to manage agreements with the greatest degree of consistency, accountability and cost effectiveness to ensure that the delivery of services meets the needs of the consumers as well as Department and various State, Federal, and other funds. The Division is committed to an agreement management system that promotes the best business practices, supports the Department's public mission, and is in compliance with State and Federal statutes, rules, and regulations.

The purpose of this site is to provide information about contract management to Department staff as well as providers, consumers and interested viewers.

Many of the DHHS agencies post their complete RFP application packages on the DHHS web site at https://www.maine.gov/dhhs/contracts/rfp/. Interested persons can log in under the title of a particular RFP at the website, registering their name, address and other contact information, and download a copy of the full RFP and related documents. Registering enables the DHHS to notify a person about any subsequent addenda or amendments. In addition, announcements regarding RFPs issued by the DHHS and many other State agencies are listed at a separate website: https://www.maine.gov/purchases/venbid/rfp.shtml. Note that the second web site does not include entire RFP packages, but does provide a summary of the offer and persons to contact in order to receive complete details.