Civil Rights Complaint Process

The Department must operate its programs, services, and activities without discrimination based on a person's disability, race, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, religious or political belief, ancestry, familial or marital status, genetic information, association, previous assertion of a claim or right, or whistleblower activity.

If you believe the Department has discriminated against you or someone you know, you may file a complaint with the Department's ADA/Civil Rights Coordinator. You may submit your complaint in writing by email or through the mail. The Coordinator's mailing address is located on the left side of this page. You may also file your request or by calling the Coordinator at 207-287-3707.

The Complaint Policy and a Complaint Form may be found through the links on the right side of this page.

If you have general complaints about a Department employee's conduct or job performance you should contact that employee's supervisor, the Department's Human Resources Office, or the Office of the Commissioner. Contact information for Department staff and offices may be found at DHHS Phones

The Department will not retaliate against anyone who opposes discrimination, files a complaint, or participates in the investigation of a complaint.

Civil Rights Process diagram

Civil Rights Complaint Process Diagram (PDF)