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Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation

  • Hotlines - A comprehensive list of hotlines and crisis numbers statewide.
  • Adult Protective Services - Services to protect incapacitated and dependent adults (age 18 and over) in danger of abuse, neglect or exploitation.
  • Mandated Reporters - Information and resources for people who are required by law to report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation.
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Caregiver Information

Aging & Disability Services

  • OADS- provides leadership and is an active partner in Maine's comprehensive system of support to individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.
  • Disability Grievance Process - If you are not getting what you think you should or you don’t agree with what you are getting from Mental Retardation Services or your other providers.
  • MaineCare Services and Benefits - Benefits available to people with cognitive and physical disabilities.
  • Disability Resource Directory - Directory of Clinical/Ancillary, Day, Employment, and Residential services listed by Maine Counties
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Food, Money, Housing


  • Guardianship - The information on this site applies to all adults with diminished capacity, including frail elders, persons with developmental disabilities, individuals with physical disabilities, and persons with mental health or addiction issues.
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Mental Health

Substance Abuse

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