Mission, Vision and Values

Joint Commission Accredited
Specialty Hospital Serving
The People of Maine


  • As a member of a state wide community of care givers, DDPC collaborates with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and their community and personal supports to provide recovery oriented, respectful, compassionate, and effective psychiatric care and treatment in the least restrictive, safest, and most therapeutic environment we can create.


  • We focus on enhancing symptom management, promoting skill development, increasing knowledge, and challenging people to use their strengths to lead more hopeful and autonomous lives

  • We devote ourselves to the most timely return of those we serve to a more independent, sustainable and hopeful life in the community.


  • We treat everyone we serve and everyone with whom we work with compassion, with dignity, and with respect.

Strive for Excellence. Exceed Expectations
Value The Person. Treat The Illness.
Believe In Growth And Change.
Respect Boundaries.
Every Day Matters.
Never Give Up.