Brightwork -- A Best Management Practices Manual for Maine's Boatyards and Marinas

On-line Text of Brightwork

Status and updating

The Brightwork best management practices manual was written in 2006 by a dedicated group of people including members of industry, environmental advocacy organizations and regulatory departments.  We fully expect this manual to evolve over time and so will publish updated sections periodically. 

  • The boat washing section will be added to Section 2 during the winter of 2010-2011. 
  • Section 2 as a whole will be reviewed and revised as necessary.  New  and revised sections will be posted on the website. 
Availability of CD and hardcopy versions of this manual

In order to reduce costs, full print copies of the BMP manual (including the CD) are available only to Maine boatyard and marina owners and operators, select regulatory representatives and other states.  The Brightwork CD, containing the full text of the manual, reference material, and electronic forms is available free to anyone. 

  • To request a full manual (including CD), or a CD, contact Pam Parker in writing or via e-mail at the address below. 
  • Please send any questions or comments regarding the boatyard and marina best management practices, or the Brightwork manual to:
    Pam Parker, Maine DEP, 17 SHS, Augusta , ME 04333-0017. (207) 485-3038.

The Brightwork manual development process, production and distribution has been funded through a grant from the Maine Coastal Program.   

The following files are in pdf format.  If you cannot open pdf files, go here to get the free adobe acrobat reader program.

Section Text
Cover Text
Acknowledgments, Table of Contents, and Section 1 - Manual Format Text
Section 2, Jobs and Practices (in its entirety). Text

The following includes Section 2 broken up into smaller files for easier web viewing.

  • What to Look For
  • Hull Preparation
  • Sandblasting
  • Painting
  • Boat Washing (NEW)
  • Engine Maintenance and Repairs
  • Stormwater and Planning
  • Fueling and Fuel Storage
  • Sewage and Pet Waste
  • Waste Management
  • Piers, Docks, and Floats
Section 3. Regulatory Reference -- Acronym List, Glossary, Pollutant Regulation References Text
Section 4. Maine Clean Marinas & Boatyards Program Text
(part 1)
  • Environmental Resource Guide
(part 2)
Section 5. Templates and Tools Text