Bureau of Air Quality

Maine DEP can now accept online credit card payments through a Credit Card Payment Portal. Please note: not all license types are available for electronic payment, the portal can only accept payments of $5,000 or less, and the servicer of the portal charges a $2 transaction fee. See the Payment Portal for more details.

Air Quality Forecast Hotline 287-7077 or Toll Free 1-800-223-1196

The Air Quality Forecast Hotline provides both current and expected air quality concentrations for the upcoming 24 hours. Air quality forecasts are scheduled to be updated by 3:00 pm weekdays and other times as necessary. Forecasts are also available on the Bureau's Air Quality Hotline at (800) 223-1196.

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Complaint Response

The Bureau's Compliance staff are available to answer questions and investigate complaints throughout the state. Inspectors for each of our regional offices can be reached at the following numbers:

Licensing and Permit Assistance

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection licenses air emission sources throughout the state. License applications can continue to be submitted and will be processed. This includes all BAQ-related applications. Licensing staff will be available via phone or email to answer your licensing questions and assist you. For more information, contact Jane Gilbert at 207-530-0554.

Compliance Obligations

Members of the regulated community have asked whether the Department will be issuing any waivers for meeting their compliance obligations during the Covid-19 pandemic. While the Department recognizes that the pandemic may place additional demands on the regulated community, we expect air emission sources to continue meeting all federal and state enforceable laws and/or air emission license requirements. Protecting public health is the Department's highest priority, and it is critical that members of the regulated community ensure their air emissions do not exacerbate the public health crisis.

If pandemic-related constraints, such as supply chain disruptions or the inability of employees to be on site, impact a facility's ability to meet compliance obligations and are beyond the facility's control, please contact the Department to discuss available options. Such situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For more information on our compliance assistance efforts during the Covid-19 outbreak, please contact Eric Kennedy at 530-3139.

Gasoline Volatility and Reformulated Gasoline Requirements in Maine

DEP Statement regarding seasonal gasoline requirements

DEP clarifies gasoline compliance obligations