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It is the philosophy of the State of Maine, as an employer, that in the handling of State workers' compensation claims, our injured employees will be treated with dignity and respect.  Claims management will be provided by swift, efficient and fair evaluation and payment of legitimate claims.

We will do our best to assure that the highest standard of care will be extended to our injured employees to guarantee rapid recovery with the least possible disability.  Benefits are to be provided as required under the law.  All actions taken, which include payment of benefits, medical care and the providing of services necessary to return the employee to work, will be done in a prompt, fair, and equitable manner.

The State of Maine will not attempt to create savings in workers' compensation by denying or delaying an injured employee's benefits.  Savings will come from accident prevention, good case management, including early intervention, and returning employees to work.

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Note:  If you have sustained a work-related injury but not employed as a State of Maine government employee, please contact the Workers' Compensation Board.