Executive Steering Committee Membership

Maine's 10-Year Statewide Strategic Plan is being implemented by an Executive Steering Committee. The current composition of this group is indicated below. Please note that this list is a work in progress.

Executive Steering Committee Membership

Amy Landry, AVCOG

Laura Fortman, Commissioner, DOL

David Daigler, MCCS

Jeannette Andre, MPC

Charlene Virgilio, Four Directions Development Corporation

Dr. Joan Ferrini-Mundy, University of Maine

Melanie Loyzim, DEP

Ryan Neale, DOT

John Ochira, Maine Community Foundation

Linda Caprara, Maine State Chamber of Commerce

Yellow Light Breen, Maine Development Foundation

Andrea Cianchette, Focus Maine

David Greenham, Maine Arts Commission

Adam Lachman, Senator King's Office

Carol Woodcock, Senator Collins' Office

Sarah Lawrence, Congresswoman Pingree's Office

William Whitmore, MaineHealth


List current as of August 18, 2023