Implementation Team

Maine's 10-Year Statewide Strategic Plan is being implemented by an Executive Steering Committee and seven Strategy Area Work Groups. The current composition of these groups is indicated below. Please note that these lists are works in progress, and that some individuals may step on and off of the teams as different projects take priority.

Executive Steering Committee (in progress)

Heather Johnson, Commissioner, DECD

Christopher Quint, DOL/SWB

Brian Whitney, MTI

Peggy Schaffer, ConnectMaine

Dana Connors*, Maine State Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Joan Ferrini-Mundy, University of Maine

David Daigler, MCCS

Charlene Virgilio, Four Directions Development Corporation

Melanie Loyzim, DEP

Laura Fortman, Commissioner, DOL

Jennifer Brickett, DOT

Yellow Light Breen, Maine Development Foundation

Kim Hamilton, FocusMaine

Amy Landry, AVCOG

Jeannette Andre, MPC

Carlos Mello, FAME


Strategy Area Work Groups

Grow Local Talent/Develop Skills

Christopher Quint, Director, SWB

Kim Moore, MDOL

John Herweh, SWB/MMG Insurance

Jen Fullmer, SWB/Boots-2-Roots

Colleen Hilton, SWB/Northern Light Health

Ben Gillman, Maine State Chamber of Commerce

Colleen Quint, Alfond Scholarship Foundation

Jason Judd, Educate Maine

Erica Watson, Maine Development Foundation

Guy Langevin, Dead River Company


Kim Smith, Deputy Commissioner, MDOL

Attract Talent

Julia Trujillo Luengo*, Director of Economic Development Coordination, DECD

Maria Povec*, GOPIF

Nate Wildes, Live & Work in Maine

Donna Moreland, Maine Office of Tourism

Jennifer Geiger, Maine Office of Tourism

Julia Trujillo, Dir. Office of Opportunity, City of Portland

Adilah Muhammad, The Third Space

Jacob Pelkey, Center for Business Growth @ NMDC

Joan Cohen, Maine PFS

Bill Benson, Boots-2-Roots

Jenny Kordick, Maine Outdoor Brands

Katie Shorey, Startup Maine

Promote Innovation

Brian Whitney, President, Maine Technology Institute

Margaret Angell, Roux Institute

John Burns, Maine Venture Fund

Wick Johnson*, Kennebec Technologies

Renee Kelly, UMaine System, Innov. & Economic Develop

Dan Burgess, Governor's Office of Energy

Dr. Cem Giray, Kennebec River Biosciences

Dr. Shane Moeykens, Maine EPSCoR

Jennifer Sporzynski, CEI

Judy Sproule, MDIBL

Charlotte Mace, DECD

Modern Infrastructure (in progress)

Jennifer Brickett, Director of Planning, MDOT

Ryan Neale, MDOT

Maria Fuentes, MBTA

Sandy Buchanan, WMTS


Keith Bisson, President, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Ana Hicks*, Children's Cabinet, Office of the Governor

Todd Landry, OCFS (DHHS)

Cynthia Murphy, CEI, Childcare initiative


Denise Lord, Director of Comms. & Planning, MSHA

Brian Eng (has expressed interest)

Erik Jorgensen, MSHA

Regulatory and Business Climate

Melanie Loyzim, Deputy Commissioner, DEP

Meredith Mendelson, Deputy Commissioner DMR

Joan Cohen, Deputy Commissioner, PFR

Peter Delgreco, President, Maine & Co.

Kate Dufour, Legislative Advocate, Maine Municipal Assoc.

Rob Wood, The Nature Conservancy

Andy Hamilton, Eaton Peabody

Larry D. Carbonneau/Rich Lawrence, DHHS

Charlotte Mace, DECD

Ubiquitous Connectivity

Connect Maine Authority

Peggy Schaffer, Executive Director, ConnectMe Authority

Fred Brittain, Chief Information Officer, OIT

Jeff Letourneau, Networkmaine

Susan Corbett*, National Digital Equity Center

Liz Wyman, Staff Attorney, PUC

Nick Battista, Island Institute

Jasmine Bishop, MaineHealth

Hubs of Excellence (in progress)

Heather Johnson, Commissioner, DECD



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*denotes participated in ERC as staff or Committee member

Bold denotes Work Group Chair

List current as of March 23, 2021