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What do you get when you put together Yankee ingenuity, an uncompromising work ethic, world-class educational and research facilities in a prime location less than a day’s travel to Boston, New York, and Montreal? That would be the state of Maine, with its stunning natural resources, business-friendly welcome, and small cities and towns boasting a quality of life long recognized by the media.

Get the facts and learn more about Maine’s unbeatable location, workforce and training programs, infrastructure, innovation and R&D, and quality of life.

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Did you know that Maine has...

  • Competitive labor costs 6% less than the national per capita rate and the lowest in New England.
  • The lowest tax burden on new investment in the United States. (Source: April 2011 Ernst & Young COST Report).
  • State-funded workforce training programs and Community Development Block Grant programs for infrastructure development.
  • A world-class higher learning institution in The University of Maine system - ranked among the top colleges for 8 consecutive years by Princeton Review and Fiske Guides.
  • Three commercial deepwater ports and an intermodal Rail Facility with Free Trade Zone.
  • Five thousand five hundred miles of coastline, 2nd only to Alaska in the US and a quality of life ranked best in the nation by London-based Foreign Direct Investment Magazine, a Financial Times publication.
  • A 22.7% clean energy/green job growth from 1998 to 2007 compared to the national average of 9.1%.
  • A growing reputation as “…a place in America where tax cutting to promote growth and attract jobs is back in fashion." The Wall Street Journal, (June, 24, 2009).
  • “America’s most livable city”—Portland—according to

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Why Maine?

“L.L.Bean was founded in Maine and has grown and prospered here. Our corporate headquarters, manufacturing division, flagship retail store, customer services, and order fulfillment operations are all in Maine, employing approximately 4,000 people year round and about double that during peak holiday season. Our employees are our greatest asset and one reason our company has succeeded in Maine for the past hundred years.”

- Marie McCarthy, VP Human Resources, L.L.Bean

“Since 1929, the nonprofit Jackson Laboratory has benefited from Maine's high quality of life and strong work ethic in carrying out our mission to improve human health. Support from Maine has helped us to grow to one of the state's largest employers, providing good jobs for Mainers at all education levels”.

- Charles E. Hewett, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and COO, The Jackson Laboratory

“The Maine workforce is unique in its strong work ethic and has been a significant part of the company’s strategic vision over the years. Our Maine plant has some of the best productivity levels and quality controls out of all of our multinational operations.”

- Ciaran Lynch, Chairman and CEO, Textech Industries National Semiconductor

“In the past decade IDEXX has more than doubled its revenue, its employee population and the footprint of its world headquarters in Maine while achieving its goal of keeping animals healthy, milk and water safe. The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development has played a key role in supporting our growth so that the company and our employees can continue to thrive in Maine.”

– Dan Meyaard, Corporate Vice President, IDEXX