Director: Brian Whitney

Brian Whitney, Director
Maine Office of Business Development & Innovation
Maine Department of Economic and Community Development

Phone: 207-624-9804

Formerly Director of Outreach and Economic Development for U.S. Senator Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine), Brian joined DECD as its Director of Business Development & Innovation in October, 2012.

Using his extensive experience in economic development and legislative matters at both the state and federal level, Mr. Whitney leads the experienced and professional Governor's Account Executive Team as they work one-on-one with Maine businesses to help them succeed and grow.

“It’s important for me to know that Maine businesses receive the help and resources they need to be successful. As the State’s Director of Business Development & Innovation, I am keenly aware that the process of starting or growing a business can sometimes be arduous and frustrating – but it shouldn’t be!

Working to understand a company’s unique needs, the Governor’s Account Executives will meet one-on-one with anyone from budding entrepreneurs, sole-proprietors, managers, and CEOs, to assist them in accessing programs that may help them achieve their business goals and to overcome and avoid obstacles and red tape.

As the Governor says, ‘Government does not create jobs, but what we can do in Augusta is change the environment by which jobs are created in the private sector.’ Clearly, that change is underway and our team is proud to be playing a role in it. ”