Governor’s Account Executives

Meet Your Team!

We are business development experts, each responsible for one area of the state.

Our team has worked with hundreds of companies all over Maine helping with issues from high speed internet access to finding facilities to house 100 employees to helping communities and companies benefit from the creation of special Pine Tree Development Zones and Tax Increment Financing districts to ease the tax burdens on new and growing businesses.

We may have experience as lawyers, lenders, CEOs, or have run family and public businesses large and small.

Our contacts are deep and broad, across government departments and state agencies, so that, when necessary, we can bring the right partner to the table to get things done.

Whatever our backgrounds, we are passionate about our work and ready to help you do business in Maine.

“At DECD, our dedicated team of Governor’s Account Executives knows their primary duty is helping businesses locate or expand in Maine.”

- Acting Commissioner Denise Garland