Featured Administrator

Jeff Hewett


Jeff was hired by the Town of Skowhegan in 1990 to run the Community Development Program, and within a couple of years the Skowhegan Economic Development Corporation. Jeff's other duties for the Town include maintaining Skowhegan's webpage, GIS Mapping, managing the Renaissance Center and overseeing two Industrial parks.

During his years of service Jeff has been involved with numerous projects including, but not limited to, the Community Development Block Grant Program: Skowhegan Renaissance Center-Non Profit Grant, Lepage and Eaton Grant and the Maine Stitching Specialties - Economic Development Grants, Revitalization of Water Street-Downtown Revitalization Grant, Skowhegan Public Library- Public Facilities Grant, Downtown Fašade- Community Enterprise Grant, Municipal Parking lot- Communities for Maine's Future and Downtown Revitalization.

Jeff is known by the Office of Community Development Staff for "always asking good questions". Jeff has been involved in numerous CDBG projects during his tenure at the Town of Skowhegan and as he says "the Office of Community Development staff always know I will have a question for them when I visit".

Jeff credits some of his success to always having a great staff, previously it was Trisha Austin for over 18 year, who became Skowhegan's Finance Officer and now Dena Rich. "Both have worked hard to keep all the programs and myself organized. Skowhegan could not have done the job without their help."

The Office of Community Development is pleased to recognize Jeff for his years of being a hard-working CDBG administrator and his sincere dedication to the CDBG program!