Town of Van Buren

Van Buren is a town rich with culture, heritage and community pride. Based on principles from the hard working Acadians that first settled here,Van Buren strives for growth, development and excellence in all that we do.

We have a long history of cultivating small business start-ups and nurturing existing businesses with loans and grants made available through our Economic Development office.

Van Buren is ideally situated along the St. John River to take full advantage of business and commerce with Canada. Many Canadians visit Van Buren and the surrounding areas each day, as evident by the state of the art US Immigration & Customs Enforcement and US Customs and Border Protection facilities.

Northern Maine is known for its farmers and growers, this is one area that Van Buren shows great promise. With an organic processing center located in the newly developed industrial zone and local growers experimenting with new produce, Van Buren is looking to the future with sustainable agriculture.

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Name: Daniel McClung, Town Manager
Phone: (207)868-2886

Van Buren Welcomes You

Highlights from the Review Committee:

  •  Utilize limited tools and resources efficiently and effectively to promote economic development activity 
  •  Establishment of Economic Development Director position a positive and provides a point of contact for businesses 
  •  Effectively access and utilize local, State and Federal Funds to support and improve the town’s business climate
  •  Collaborate effectively with regional and state-wide entities (NMDC, LDA, MTCMA, Maine Acadian Heritage Council)