Town of Pittsfield

Pittsfield is a dynamic and flourishing community dedicated to the quality of life of its citizens. As a major employment center for the region, Pittsfield provides a diversity of employment opportunities to area residents. The Town has committed resources to education, infrastructure, economic development, cultural and recreational activities. With an average 16 minute commute time, local residents have time to enjoy the community'sprograms and activities.

Centrally located along Interstate 95, Pittsfield is within easy access of major markets. The Pittsfield Industrial Park is located adjacent to the Town's I-95 interchange and is conveniently situated for transportation purposes. Pan Am transects the Town with several industrial lots abutting the railroad. The Pittsfield Municipal Airport, with a service area extending for a 20-mile radius, is attractive to business executives who travel frequently. With over $4.3 million dollars in infrastructure investments in the facility through multiple federal and state grants, the Airport is enjoyed by flying enthusiasts state-wide.

The Town has long been a commercial and industrial center in Central Maine. Hosting over 200 local businesses, Pittsfield is a full-service community and provides all of the conveniences of a small city but within a beautiful country setting. Pittsfield has always been a dynamic community in regard to economic development, especially in the industrial sector. Pittsfield provides extensive manufacturing, medical and forest products jobs. The Town also focuses on the service and telecommunications-orientated economy. The Town provides jobs for over half of its workforce along with jobs for many other communities. An estimated 2600 people work in the Town.

Pittsfield at a Glance...

  • A $1.0 million expansion project at the Pittsfield Municipal Airport to provide more room for plane storage and hanger locations will be completed in November, 2013.
  • Major water line rehabilitation on Waverly Street for extensive water capacity for the development of an industrial site on a 31 acre campus.
  • First phase of $14 million investment and expansion at Sebasticook Valley Hospital.

Business contact:

Name: Kathryn Ruth, Town Manager
Phone: (207) 487-3136


Highlights from the review Team

  • Proactive approach to marketing local businesses
  • Quick turn around time on permits
  • Significant efforts have been made to reduce time and duplication in process
  • Utilization of local, state and federal programs to improve infrastructure and assist businesses
  • Town approaches economic development with a “time is money” approach

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