City of Caribou

As the place to be in Aroostook County, the City of Caribou has undergone a major revitalization. Whether it is enjoying the summer evenings at Thursday’s on Sweden, or enjoying a warm beverage at. Frozen Friday’s in the winter Caribou is the perfect hometown for your family and business.

On top of all that Caribou is truly a business friendly community. Our business friendly attitude starts at the top in Caribou and permeates through all levels of our City. We work with each business to help them expand or locate in the area. We work closely with the Caribou Chamber of Commerce to help promote their business and expand their reach.

There are host of things to consider when choosing a location to expand your existing business or relocate your firm.Caribou offers the right combination of assets, including but not limited to:

  • We are at the pivotal market place for Maine and to break into the Canadian market place.
  • We have a combination of tax incentives, financing options, and land opportunities that are hard to beat.
  • We have a team of experts that can help in every stage of business planning for new businesses, business expansion, and to help take any business to the next level.
  • We have a well trained workforce that is ready to work. The people of Caribou and Aroostook County are hardworking and dedicated employees that are ready to put in an honest day’s labor.
  • We work closely with the State and Federal governments to overcome any obstacles that may present themselves.
  • We have easy access to a number of higher education opportunities to assist with employee development and growth.

All these items add up to one great opportunity for your business to grow.

Caribou at a Glance...

  • Caribou recently partnered with Buxton to develop a targeted retail economic development and local business retention strategy.
  • Certified “Business-Friendly” by the State of Maine
  • Active revitalization committee for the downtown area

Community Website:

Business contact:

Name: Austin Blees, City Manager
Phone: (207) 493-5962


Highlights from the review team:

  • Efforts have been made to streamline licensing and permitting processes to reduce turn-around time.
  • Effective utilization of the Caribou Economic Growth Council Loan Program.
  • Support of the active Downtown Development Program, which is part of Downtown TIF District assisting with façade improvements, infrastructure improvements, economic development and marketing.
  • Strong collaboration with the Caribou Economic Growth Council, Caribou Area Chamber of Commerce, Leaders Encouraging Aroostook Development (LEAD) and Aroostook Partnership for Progress (APP)