How Your Company May Benefit

Maine offers businesses the following advantages:

  • A high quality of life
  • Competitive tax incentives
  • An affordable cost of living
  • A skilled and productive workforce
  • An attractive wage base
  • Customized worker training programs
  • Academic partnerships tailored to support specific business needs
  • Technology incubators
  • Business incubators supported by the University system


Depending on your business sector and location, your business may be eligible for corporate tax credits, sales and use tax exemptions for both personal and real property, withholding tax reimbursements of 80%, and reduced electricity rates. (Some financial sector companies may also be eligible for certain insurance tax credits.) For an estimate of the value of these benefits for your investment plans, click here.

The following information is provided by Maine Revenue Services:

A tax credit is available to businesses certified by the Department of Economic and Community Development under the PTDZ program. The income tax credit under this program may not be combined with the income tax credit under the Media Production Credit under section 5219-Y.