Provisionally Adopted Rules

The Office of Marijuana Policy has provisionally adopted rules to establish a regulatory framework governing adult use, also known as recreational, marijuana in Maine.

The Marijuana Legalization Act includes both mandatory and discretionary rulemaking concerning OMP and its umbrella organization, the Department of Administrative and Financial Services. Broadly, statute states that DAFS shall “adopt all rules necessary to implement, administer and enforce” the MLA. In addition, the statute specifies rulemaking in areas including, but not limited to, tracking marijuana plants and product, enforcement and compliance, health and safety data, labeling and packaging, and licensing and fees.

A copy of the provisionally adopted rule appears immediately below.


The provisionally adopted rule benefited from input received from interested stakeholders, who reviewed the preliminary draft rule made available by OMP in April as well as individuals who provided feedback on the proposed rule through the formal public comment period afforded by the Maine Administrative Procedures Act. A copy of comments and their disposition from the most recent public comment period can be viewed below: