Guidance from Other State Agencies

Licenses Required for Food Manufacturing and Sale - Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry

Home Food Processing License is required to produce shelf stable (non-potentially hazardous) foods such as, but not limited to, cookies, brownies, gummies, candies, jams & jellies, pickles etc. in a home kitchen to be sold from the home or wholesale. 

Commercial Food Processing License is required to process, or otherwise prepare and package food products for human consumption in a commercial kitchen.  Potentially Hazardous Foods such as cheesecakes, cream pies, fermented foods etc. may be produced in a commercial kitchen.  This license allows wholesale sales.

Retail Food Establishment License is required to sell prepackaged foods or foods prepared on site for sale to the consumer and intended for off-premise consumption.

Beverage Plant License is required to assemble, process, manufacture, bottle or convert into form any non-alcoholic beverage for distribution or sale.

Laws and Rules can be found at:

License applications can be found at:

Please call the Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry, Division of Quality Assurance & Regulations at (207) 287-3841 with any questions.

Potential Environmental Permitting Triggers - Department of Environmental Protection

Marijuana operations may trigger thresholds in the following Environmental Regulations:

  • Waste - Handling, storage, treatment and disposal of marijuana waste
  • Air - Drying and processing
  • Water - Waste water and stormwater
  • Land - Construction

Please contact your local officials to ensure you follow all local ordinances and obtain necessary permits.

Should you have general environmental regulatory questions please contact:

Julie M. Churchill
Maine DEP Small Business Ombudsman
(207) 287-7881   |   Hotline: (800) 789-9802