Division of Financial and Personnel Services

Associate Commissioner Kimberly A. Smith
Director Joyce Oreskovich, Bureau of Human Resources

The Division of Financial and Personnel Services is comprised of service centers that provide financial and human resource services to agencies across state government. There are five centers focused on common customers, and each center is comprised of a financial services office and a human resources office.

Accountability, efficiency and effective use of state resources is the Division's objective. Staff is well-versed in state and federal laws and regulations within which the State must operate. This expertise is used to guide agencies down a path that is both within the bounds of legal requirements and that leads the agency towards its desired outcome.

All staff within the Division contributes towards this objective, whether they are processing transactions or advising senior managers. Responsibilities include paying the State's bills, managing cash flow, on-boarding new employees, and training managers in human resource management. In addition, finance office staff assists with the development of agency budgets and supporting materials; forecasts and analyzes variances; and, advises on a variety of financial matters throughout the year. Human Resources staff assists both employees and managers with resolution of workplace issues; provides guidance to managers in performance management and discipline; and represents agencies in various employment rights forums.

These state-wide services were brought together within the Division as a result of Public Law 2005 c. 12 Pts. K-4, G-2 and G-3. These laws expanded the agencies served within the Division, and also directed the Department to review the structure of payroll, personnel and accounting statewide in an effort to improve organizational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The result is the current organizational structure of the Division, which has the following service centers:

  • Corrections Service Center
  • General Government Service Center
  • Health and Human Services Service Center
  • Natural Resources Service Center
  • Security and Employment Service Center

Title 5, Section 284 established the Division of Financial and Personnel Services on June 30, 1992.

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