Bureau of Human Resources

Director Joyce Oreskovich

In 1985 the Legislature enacted Title 5 § 7033 et. seq (Civil Service Law), which established a State Civil Service System to ensure that state employees are hired and retained based only on their skills and qualifications. The Bureau of Human Resources (BHR) was established as the personnel administrative organization necessary to ensure these "merit system" principles in hiring and retention practices. BHR was also charged with recognizing and developing talents, contributions and potential of state employees and applicants for employment.

In 2007, the Civil Service Law broadened BHR's role to include the statutory duties formerly assigned to a separate bureau. The Bureau of Employee Relations was abolished, and its functions and employees were consolidated with those of BHR.

The bureau has six divisions:

  • Merit
  • Civil Service System
  • HR Programs
  • Office of Employee Relations
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Division
  • Employee Health and Benefits and the Office of Workers' Compensation

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