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This page is a collection of all of Procurement Services' trainings, instructions, and guidance materials.  It is updated often with new topics and documents, so be sure to check back regularly! 

If you can't find information that you are looking for, please let us know.  Also, if your agency would like to request any training, please contact Jaime C. Schorr.

Current Newsletter

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Dynamics Training Info

Procurement Services has created a separate page to hold all Dynamics training materials.  It can be found here: Dynamics Training


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Lunch & Learn Training Webinars

2021: Under Development






January 29, 2020

Guidance for Using the Procurement Justification Form



February 26, 2020

Master Agreements: What, Why, Where & How



April 29, 2020

Fiscal Year 2020 Year-End Closing



Quick Reference Guides and Fact Sheets

WB Mason Price Matching Quick Reference Guide (PDF) 

Membership Dues/Subscription Fees Guide (PDF) 

E-Signature Quick Reference Guide (PDF) 

NASPO Research Tools - Fact Sheet (PDF)

Advantage Quick Reference Guides

Vendor Guidelines (PDF)

Lifecycle Document Search (PDF)


Date Modified
3.11 Creating a Service Contract Instructions 10/28/2019
3.11 Multi-Staging of a CT Instructions 10/28/2019 PDF
3.11 General Routing Document Instructions (Paperless Modifications) 12/05/2019 PDF


Date Modified
3.11 RQS Document Instructions 10/28/2019
3.11 Delivery Order (DO) from Master Agreement with Catalog Line 10/28/2019 PDF
3.11 Delivery Order (DO) from Master Agreement with Service Line 10/28/2019 PDF
3.11 PO Document Instructions 11/7/2019 PDF

Purchasing Maine Creation Guides

How to create a good pdf of a document (MS Word)

Click on the appropriate button below to get a document featuring instructions for processing various Procurement related documents in the Purchasing Maine system:

LVSC WCB Blanket Contract
Construction Contract Contract Contract Amendment
Construction Amendment RFI RFP
RFP Amendment RFP Q & A Summary Selection Package

For more detailed information about the forms, please see the Forms page.


Training Videos

All of our training videos can be found on the State of Maine Procurement Services YouTube Page

RFP Process Videos

Evaluation Phase 1: Individual Notes

Transcript of this video (Word)


Evaluation Phase 2: Team Consensus

Transcript of this video (Word)


Role of the RFP Coordinator

Transcript of this video (Word)

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