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Japanese beetle

Quick Tips

  • Select plants that bugs don't like. Try native plants, they're survivors.
  • Plant varieties that are suited to your region and soil condition.
  • Keep your soil rich and fertile, with a proper pH. Spoon feed plants with nitrogen. Too much soluble nitrogen fertilizer will make plants grow too fast and render them very susceptible to sucking insects like aphids, mealybugs and whiteflies.
  • Rotate vegetable and annual flowering plants to disrupt the life cycle of pests.
  • Plant and harvest vegetables early. This will keep the plants strong and avoid peak insect activity.
  • Remove pest-infected plants in the fall.
  • Most vegetable plants need lots of sun, air circulation and water to keep the plants healthy.
  • Put out the doormat for natural enemies (such as lady beetles, ground beetles, bats and birds)
  • Hand-picking a few large insects takes little time, no money and doesn't harm the environment.
  • Use pesticides that are very selective and can be applied with pinpoint spot treatments to help conserve beneficial organisms and pollinators.
  • Be very careful with systemic insecticides they can show up in the pollen and nectar of flowers and harm pollinators. Time applications so that peak concentrations do not coincide with plant flowering.