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Six Easy Steps to a Safe & Healthy Lawn for Kids & Pets

photo of child and dog on lawn

Do you want a beautiful lawn that is safe for kids and pets? Follow the six easy steps...

  1. Mow high. 3 inches or more for vigorous roots and to shade out weeds.
  2. Let the clippings lie. Clippings are high-quality, low-cost fertilizer.
  3. Fertilize? Lawns older than 10 years need only clippings.
    Younger lawns need nitrogen. Look for 10–0–0 on the bag.
    When needed, apply in September.
  4. Got weeds? Liberally apply perennial ryegrass seed all season long.
  5. Got bugs? Overseed with insect-resistant, endophyte enhanced fescue grasses or use beneficial nematodes, fungi, or bacteria.
  6. Water wisely. If needed, water once or twice a week with a deep soaking (1–1½ inches).

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