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Hermit ThrushWasp on Butterfly Milkweed
Quick Tips
  • Use a Diversity of Plants & Grasses. Incorporate many layers of plant types:
    • Trees
    • Shrubs
    • Ground covers
    • Perennials, and
    • Lawns
  • Add Nectar & Fruit Producing Plants . These plants provide food for benefical insects, pollinators and for birds and mammals. Strive for continuous blooms.
  • Add Water, Stone Walls, Woody Debris, Nest Boxes & Feeders. Water is essential to all animals. Preserve existing watery habitiats or add a new source. Doing so will attract more creatures for you to enjoy.

    Stone walls and woody debris provide shelter, foraging sites and perching areas for birds and mammals.

    Well tended nest boxes and feeders improve animal health and provide better viewing opportunities.