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Maine's Great Grass Experiment

Pine Tree State Arboretum Grass Plots

Choosing the right grass is part of YardScaping. Every year Maine homeowners unwittingly make poor lawn care choices: grass seeds are poorly selected, grass is cut too short, clippings are bagged, etc., etc. The result is weedy, compacted, fertilizer-addicted lawns, which drive homeowners to heap on weed and feed products.

Research for a better Maine grass seed mix is being conducted at three locations: Pine Tree State Arboretum in Augusta, Roger's Farm at University of Maine in Orono and the Southern Maine Community College in South Portland.

Shade and drought tolerant, mini meadows, slow growing, no growing and endophyte enhanced grasses are just some of the varieties under the microscope. The goal is to be able to offer homeowners a commerical mix that doesn't require a lot of fertilizers, pesticides or water.

Visit the grass plots