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Bugs Found in Lawns and Yards


chinch bug damage on lawn

Chinch Bug

sod webworm larvae

Sod Webworms

White Grubs


yellow ants


deer tick nymph and adults



Bees, Hornets and Wasps



armyworm moth larva


cluster fly adult

Cluster Flies


European leatherjacketCrane Flies (see Leatherjackets)

army cutworm larva





fall armyworm larvae

Fall Armyworm

leatherjacketsLeatherjackets (see Crane Flies)

adult mosquito




Springtails and Snowfleas





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[Photos, left to right: (ants) Howard Ensign Evans, Colorado State University,; (armyworm) North Carolina Forest Service Archive,; (bees, hornets and wasps) Gary Alpert, Harvard University,; (chinch bug) unknown; (cluster flies) unknown; (cutworms) Frank Peairs, Colorado State University,; (earwig) Joseph Berger,; (white grubs) unknown; (millipede) Gary Alpert, Harvard University,; (mosquito) Jim Occi, BugPics,; (sod webworms) University of California IPM Program; (spiders) David Cappaert, Michigan State University,; (springtails and snowfleas)unknown; (ticks) unknown]

It is the policy of the State of Maine to minimize reliance on pesticides. The Maine Department of Agriculture and the Maine IPM Council encourage everyone to practice integrated pest management and to use pesticides only as a last resort. The mention of pesticides in the fact sheets linked to these pages does not imply an endorsement of any product. Be sure that any product used is currently registered and follow all label directions.