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A Collector's Guide to Maine Mineral Localities


W. B. Thompson, D. L. Joyner, R. G. Woodman, and V. T. King

Bulletin 41, Online Edition, June, 2005

This online edition updates the popular third edition of the Collector's Guide to Maine Mineral Localities which is now out of print. Descriptions and directions are provided for 45 mineral collecting sites in Maine. The description for each locality includes a map with precise driving and walking directions, a list of minerals that have been found there, and other useful information. These maps are provided as PDF files which can be viewed and printed using your home computer. Another chapter in the guidebook provides an introduction to the mineral collecting hobby, with many tips on equipment and techniques, favorable places to look for minerals, and a directory of mineral clubs and exhibits in Maine. A checklist of all the minerals found in Maine, and the towns where they have been reported, rounds out the volume. The guidebook is illustrated by many color and black-and-white photos showing mineral specimens and both contemporary and historical views of Maine mines.

Many of the sites listed here have not been field-checked since the earlier printed versions of this guidebook were published, and some localities may be temporarily or permanently closed. Conditions may change quickly, so mineral collectors should develop an alternative itinerary in case the preferred locality is closed. Listing of a site in this guide does not guarantee access to the visitor - the owners of private property should always be contacted for permission to collect minerals on their land. Courteous treatment of landowners and their property is more important than ever, as the growing number of closed sites results in more collectors visiting those which are still open.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Geologic Settings of Maine Minerals

Chapter 3. Tips for Collecting Minerals

Chapter 4. Sources of Additional Information

Chapter 5. Photo Gallery of Maine Minerals

Chapter 6. Mineral Locality Descriptions and Maps

Chapter 7. Checklist of Maine Minerals

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