A Collector's Guide to Maine Mineral Localities

Chapter 7. Checklist of Maine Minerals

Numerous lists have been published which have attempted to inventory the mineral species found in Maine. The most important of these lists have appeared in the following publications, which are arranged in chronological order:

  • Cleaveland, P., 1816 (revised 1822), Treatise on mineralogy and geology: Boston, 668 p.
  • Robinson, S., 1825, A catalogue of American minerals with their localities: Boston, 316 p.
  • Jackson, C. T., 1837, 1838, and 1839, First, second, and third annual reports on the geology of Maine.
  • Hitchcock, C. H., 1861, General report upon the geology of Maine, in Sixth annual report of the Secretary of the Maine Board of Agriculture: Augusta, Stevens and Sayward, p. 146-477 (catalog of Maine minerals by J. C. Houghton on p. 216-221).
  • Hitchcock, C. H., 1862, Geology of Maine, in Seventh annual report of the Secretary of the Maine Board of Agriculture: Augusta, Stevens and Sayward, p. 223-447 (supplement to 1861 mineral catalog on p. 406-407).
  • Kempton, C. W., 1879, Sketches of the new mining district at Sullivan, Maine: American Institute of Mining and Engineering, Transactions, v. 7, p. 349-356.
  • Williams, A., Jr., 1888, Useful minerals of the United States, in Mineral resources of the United States, calendar year 1887: U. S. Geological Survey, p. 688-832.
  • Dana, E. S., 1892 (and earlier editions), Sixth edition of Dana's system of mineralogy: New York.
  • Emmons, W. H., 1910, Some ore deposits in Maine and the Milan Mine, New Hampshire: U. S. Geological Survey, Bulletin 432, 62 p.
  • Schrader, F. C., Stone, R. W., and Sanford, S., 1917, Useful minerals of the United States: U.S. Geological Survey, Bulletin 624, 412 p.
  • Perkins, E. H., 1922 and 1924, A catalog of Maine minerals: The Maine Naturalist, v. 2, p. 43-47, 95-96, 159-162; v. 4, p. 45-49, 110-115.
  • Burr, F. F., 1930, Minerals of Maine, in Merrill, L. H., and Perkins, E. H., First annual report on the geology of the State of Maine: Augusta, p. 26-47.
  • Hanley, J. B., 1936, Mineralogy of Maine: Augusta, Maine State Planning Board, Bulletin No. 6, 59 p.
  • Morrill, P., and others, 1958, Maine mines and minerals, Vol. 1 - western Maine: privately published, 80 p.
  • Morrill, P., and Hinckley, W. P., 1959, Maine mines and minerals, Vol. 2 - eastern Maine: privately published, 80 p.
  • King, V. T., 1981, Preliminary checklist of Maine mineral species: The Maine Geologist, v. 7, no. 4, p. 4-6.
  • King, V. T., and Foord, E. E., 1994, Mineralogy of Maine - Volume 1: Descriptive mineralogy: Maine Geological Survey, 418 p.

Each of the above mineral lists is longer or more specialized than its predecessors, and has included the progress of knowledge. The list that follows contains over 308 species that have been found in Maine. In addition, there are over 50 species whose occurrences in Maine do not appear to have been adequately studied, and at least three more that are new to science. The question marks call attention to reports on which further work should be done. Although an effort has been made to personally verify each entry, many mineral occurrences were copied directly from the above publications, as well as other sources.

Most of the localities listed for each mineral species are names of towns or (in sparsely populated areas) unorganized townships such as Township D, T3 R5 BKP WKR, etc. Names of other geographic features and even a few rock formations are also included here, depending on the original sources of locality data. For example, a placer gold occurrence may be no more specific than the name of the river in which gold was found; and certain minerals listed in geological literature are widely distributed in rock formations that extend across town boundaries. Some reported localities may be difficult or impossible to find on a map. This is especially true of obsolete geographic names. A good reference that will pinpoint many of them is The Length and Breadth of Maine (Attwood, 1977). Modern towns, settlements, and civil divisions generally can be found in The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer.

Only a few representative entries appear for the common species listed below, such as quartz, because there are many locations for these minerals. Other species are so rare in Maine that preserved examples are unknown. For example, pyrargyrite and proustite specimens from this state cannot be located in major mineral collections, and recent efforts to collect new samples have been unsuccessful. Some minerals have been found as loose specimens in glacial deposits, such as the axinite discovered in a single boulder in Wales. If an unconfirmed species is easily identified, and there is no evidence to discredit its reported Maine occurrence, we have included it in our checklist. The reputations of previous workers, who accepted identifications of specimens that were available during their eras, provide the basis for continuing a listing here.

It is not the goal of producing a checklist to merely end up with a longer list than before. The primary requirement of this checklist is accuracy. It is as important to question previous discoveries as it is to report new ones. Collectors and professional mineralogists alike need to be careful in identifying what they have. There are a great many look-alike minerals. Their similarities frequently extend through the various tests to which a mineral can be subjected. A few species are so similar, that when they have been fully characterized, the choice of which name to give them is not much more than an opinion. Many of the question marks in this list probably refer to identifications made by individuals who jumped to erroneous conclusions. It may even be erroneous for us to question their identifications. It is essential to preserve rare minerals and provide as much data as possible when new discoveries are made. For example, spinel occurs in a variety of geological settings and is not a very rare mineral. Six of the ten Maine spinel localities listed here are from geologically reasonable environments, and have been confirmed with complete data or by analogy with scientific research elsewhere. However, the other four localities are doubtful, because of the chemistry of the host rocks and absence of conditions essential to the formation of spinel. The four questionable localities are also localities for the species gahnite, a poor synonym for which is "zinc spinel." Thus, a careless reference to a gahnite locality might simply read "spinel." An addition to any mineral checklist should be based on accurate identification of the sample, and the sample itself should be preserved. A good practice is to donate a specimen in its matrix to a curated public mineral collection. Samples without matrix are of less value because their mineralogical associations cannot readily be determined.

The most up-to-date and conservative mineral nomenclature is used here, in conformity with accepted standards and decisions by the International Mineralogical Association (IMA). The Mineral Reference Manual by Nickel and Nichols (1991) is an essentially comprehensive account of all IMA-approved mineral names and formulas, including some variety names. The "=" designates modern, preferred, or interpreted equivalents of mineral names reported in the literature.

acanthite(?) - Acton, Appleton, Cherryfield, Crawford, Deer Isle, Franklin, Gouldsboro, Hampden, Hancock, Hersey, Lubec, Newfield, Parmachenee (T5 R5 WBKP), Rockport, Sedgwick, Sullivan

actinolite - Bethel, Blue Hill, Boothbay, Brunswick, Deer Isle, Freeport, Herman, Jay, Lewiston, Minot, Monmouth, Newry, North Haven, Oxford, Portland, Pownal, Raymond, Rockland, Rumford, Unity, Winthrop

adularia = microcline; Brunswick(?), Parsonsfield(?), Thomaston

aegirine - Cashes Ledge, Litchfield, Phippsburg, York.

aegerine-augite - Litchfield, Newfield, Parsonsfield, Shapleigh, T10 SD, York

aenigmatite(?) - Cashes Ledge, York

agalmatolite = talc group; Rockland

albite - Albany, Auburn, Baldwin, Bethel, Blue Hill, Buckfield, Franklin, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hartford, Hebron, Litchfield, Minot, Newry, Norway, Owen, Oxford, Paris, Peru, Poland, Rumford, Sanford, Stoneham, Stow, Topsham, Township D, West Gardiner, Woodstock; many other locations

allanite-(Ce) - Auburn(?), Brunswick, Buckfield, Hebron, Norway(?), Paris, Phillips batholith, Somerville(?), Songo pluton, Stoneham(?), Topsham, Vinalhaven, York

allophane - Brooksville, Woolwich(?)

alluaudite group - Paris

almandine - Albany, Auburn, Baldwin, Bethel, Boothbay Harbor, Bowdoinham, Brunswick, Buckfield, Byron, Edgecomb, Friendship, Fryeburg, Georgetown, Gorham, Greenwood, Hallowell, Harpswell, Hebron, Lewiston, Newry, Norway, Paris, Peru, Phippsburg, Poland, Rangeley, Rumford, Stoneham, Stow, Topsham, Warren, Windham; many other locations

alum(?) - apparent misidentification or post-mine growth; Brooksville, Buckfield, Gilead(?), Portland, Wales

alumina = aluminosilicate(?); Gilead

alunogen(?) - apparent misidentification or post-mine growth; Houlton, Newry, Rumford

amblygonite - Hebron, Rumford; other occurrences are probably montebrasite

amianthoide = fibrous or asbestiform amphibole, usually tremolite or actinolite; Topsham

amphibole - group of minerals; see actinolite, anthophyllite, arfvedsonite, barroisite, basaltic hornblende, cummingtonite, edenite, ferroedenite, ferrogedrite, ferrohornblende, ferropargasite, gedrite, grunerite, hastingsite, holmquistite, kaersutite, magnesiohornblende, pargasite, pargasitic hornblende, riebeckite, tirodite, tremolite

analcime - Brooklin, Denmark, Greenwood(?), Lower Enchanted Twp, Mapleton, Perry, Rockland, South Berwick, Winterville Formation

anatase - Bridgton, Calais, Denmark, Newry, Stow, Sullivan(?), Topsham

andalusite - Appleton, Bangor, Belfast, Bingham, Bucksport, Byron schist, Camden, Cape Elizabeth, Carrabassett, Carmel, Chatham, Farmington, Freeport, Georgetown, Gorham, Greenville, Harpswell, Industry, Jackson, Kingfield, Madrid, Monmouth, Moosehead (T2 R6 BKP EKR), Moscow, Mount Abraham, No. 21 Twp, North Berwick, Phillips, Phippsburg, Rangeley, Raymond, Readfield, Roxbury, Rumford, Sandy River Plantation, Searsmont, South Berwick, Spaulding, Standish, Township C, Township E, Union, Warren, Washington, Wesley, Whitneyville

andesine = variety of albite; Brunswick, Calais, Cornish, Denmark, Mapleton, North Haven, St. George, Sanford, Warren

andradite - Arrowsic, Deer Isle(?), Georgetown, Woodstock

anglesite - Brooksville, Garland, Gouldsboro, Lincolnville(?), Lubec, Pembroke

anhydrite - Blue Hill

ankerite - Belfast Quadrangle, Cape Elizabeth, Carys Mills Formation, Digdeguash Formation, Mexico, Penobscot, Sangerville Formation, Waterville Formation

annite - Albany,Auburn, Gardiner, Litchfield, Norway, Range-ley, Rockport, Stonington, Topsham, many other locations

anorthite - Blue Hill, Monhegan, Phippsburg, Raymond, Vassalboro; many locations of labradorite-anorthite composition feldspar

anthophyllite - Appleton, Belfast Quadrangle, Blue Hill, Byron, Harpswell, Newry, Rumford, Township 6 north of Weld, Union

antigorite - Boil Mountain complex, Brooksville, Deer Isle, East Moxie, The Forks, Hampden, Hermon, Jim Pond, Katahdin Iron Works, Lincolnville, Lower Enchanted Twp., North Haven, Oakfield, Rockland, Sidney, Union, Whiting, T3 R5 BKP WKR, T5 R6 BKP WKR

antimonial silver(?) = old name; may be dyscrasite or other species; needs verification; Sullivan

antimony(?) - Falmouth, Old Town, Union

apatite - common apatite is fluorapatite; see also hydroxylapatite

apophyllite(?) - Perry

aragonite - Brooksville, Fryeburg, Jim Pond, Pembroke, Thomaston(?), Unity, Winthrop(?)

arfvedsonite - Berwick, Wells, York

argentite = acanthite; argentite is not stable at earth-surface temperatures

arnoldite = fuchsite-bearing rock; Alder Stream, Jim Pond

arsenate of nickel(?) - Falmouth

arsenic(?) - listed (1861) and then corrected (1862) by Hitchcock; = arsenopyrite or lllingite, Greenwood; Buckfield (Morrill and others, 1958) = mis-entry of Hitchcock report?

arsenical iron = lllingite or arsenopyrite; Paris

arsenopyrite - Acton, Auburn(?), Baldwin, Bar Harbor, Belfast, Bethel, Blue Hill, Bonds Mount, Bowdoin, Brighton, Brooksville, Brunswick(?), Buckfield, Carthage, Clinton(?), Concord, Corinna, Davis, Deer Isle, Eastport, Eden, Fairfield(?), Farmington, Fort Point, Franklin, Garland, Greenwood, Hampden, Hancock, Hebron, Lebanon, Levant, Lowell(?), Minot(?), Mount Desert(?), Newfield, New Limerick, Newry, Norway, Owls Head, Paris(?), Parsonsfield, Pembroke, Penobscot, Poland, Rangeley, Rockland, Rockport, Rumford, Sedgwick, Sidney, Skowhegan(?), South Thomaston, Standish, Stoneham(?), Sullivan, Sumner(?), Thomaston, Topsham(?), Tremont, Union, Verona Island, Washington, Wesley, West Falmouth(?), Winslow

asbestos (asbestus) = varietal name of several fibrous minerals; see also clinochrysotile

astrophyllite - Biddeford(?), Cashes Ledge, Litchfield, Tunk Lake pluton(?)

augelite - Newry

augite - Addison, Deer Isle, Monhegan, North Haven, York

aurichalcite - Brooksville, Lubec, Pembroke

autunite/meta-autunite - Albany, Auburn, Buckfield, Casco(?), Cornish(?), Freeport, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hebron, Lovell, Minot, Newfield(?), Newry, Norway, Paris, Peru, Phippsburg, Poland, Raymond, Rumford, Stoneham, Stow, Topsham, Warren

axinite - see ferroaxinite

azurite - Blue Hill, Brooksville, Gouldsboro, Guilford, Hancock, Moxie Gore, Pembroke, Woolwich

babingtonite - Bath

barite - Bethel(?), Brunswick(?), Calais(?), Caribou, Castle Hill, Deer Isle, Gouldsboro, Grafton, Hancock, Pembroke, Sanford(?), Sullivan, Unity(?), Woodstock, TDR2 WELS, T9R3 WELS

barroisite - Sapling Twp.

basaltic hornblende - Andover, Deer Isle, Massachusetts Gore, Newry

basanite = fine-grained quartz, but not cryptocrystalline; Topsham

"beauxite"(?) - Aurora, Limewood

bementite - Castle Hill, TD R2 WELS, T9 R3 WELS

beraunite - Baldwin, Greenwood, Newry, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham

berlinite - unspecified outcrop (proprietary information in a mining report)

bermanite - Greenwood, Newry, Stoneham

bertrandite - Albany, Auburn, Bethel, Brunswick, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Phippsburg, Poland, Stoneham, Sumner, Topsham, Township D

beryl - Albany, Andover, Andover North Surplus, Andover West Surplus, Auburn, Baldwin, Batcheldors Grant, Bethel, Blue Hill, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Bridgton, Brunswick, Buckfield, Byron, Canton, Catherine Hill, Cushing, Dayton, Dixfield, East Livermore, Edgecomb, Freeport, Frye, Fryeburg, Georgetown, Gorham, Grafton, Greene, Greenwood, Hebron, Lincoln(?), Livermore, Lovell, Lyman, Minot, Monmouth, Newcastle(?), Newry, North Yarmouth, Norway, Oxford, Paris, Parsonsfield, Peru, Phippsburg, Poland, Pownal, Richmond, Rumford, South Cushing, Standish, Stoneham, Stow, Sumner, Topsham, Township 6 north of Weld, Vienna, Warren, Waterford, Wayne(?), West Bath, Windham, Winslow, Winthrop, Woolwich, York, T10 SD

beryllonite - Baldwin, Greenwood, Hebron(?), Newry, Norway, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham, Topsham; "baseball" beryllonite is botryoidal hydroxylherderite

beta-uranophane - Albany, Newry, Stoneham

beudantite - Garland

beusite - Greenwood

biotite = black annite or phlogopite; Albany, Auburn, Batchelders Grant, Bath, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Brunswick, Buckfield, Catherine Hill, Denmark, Edgecomb, Freeport, Georgetown, Gilead, Greenwood, Hebron, Lakeville, Lew-iston, Litchfield, Lovell, Ludlow, Mapleton, Newry, Paris, Peru, Poland, Rumford, Saint George, Stoneham, Southwest Harbor, Topsham, Waterford, T10 SD; many other locations

birnessite - Shawn Creek in The Forks Quadrangle

bismuth - Brooksville, Brunswick(?), Cooper, Franklin(?), Greenwood, Hancock, Lubec(?), Newry, Sorrento(?), Sullivan, Topsham, T10 SD

bismuthinite - Brunswick, Greenwood, Lovell, Newry, Stoneham, Stow, Topsham, West Paris

bismutite - Greenwood, Stoneham, Stow, Topsham

black manganese = general name for unidentified black earthy minerals

bog iron = a mixture of earthy to compact iron oxides; generally composed of limonite, hematite, etc.

bornite - Acton, Auburn(?), Baileyville, Bingham, Blue Hill, Brooksville, Concord, Crawford, Lubec, Norridgewock(?), Pembroke, Union, Warren, Wesley, Woolwich

boulangerite - Blue Hill

bournonite - Blue Hill

bowenite = variety of antigorite; Eustis

braunite - Castle Hill, Hodgdon, TD R2 WELS, T9 R3 WELS

brazilianite - Greenwood(?), Newry, Paris

brochantite - Brooksville, Topsham

brookite - Bridgton, Calais, Paris(?), Topsham

calcite - Appleton, Baldwin, Bethel, Blue Hill, Bristol, Brooksville, Brunswick, Bucksport, Calais, Camden, Casco, Castle Hill, Cherryfield, Chesuncook Twp, Clinton, Cornish, Crawford, Cutler, Deer Isle, Dexter, Dover-Foxcroft, Eastport, Eustis, Farmington, Farmington Falls, Fort Fairfield, Frankfort, Franklin, Freeport, Gouldsboro, Greenwood, Hancock, Harmony, Houlton, Industry, Jonesboro, Jonesport, Kennebunk, Lewiston, Linneus, Lubec, Mapleton, Marshfield, Mexico, Minot, Monson, Mount Desert, Norridgewock, North Alfred, North Yarmouth, Norway, Patch Mountain Formation, Pembroke, Perry, Phippsburg, Portland, Presque Isle, Rangeley, Raymond, Rockland, Rockport, Sanford, Searsmont, Skowhegan, South Berwick, Stonington, Strong, Sullivan, Thomaston, Trescott, Turner, Union, Vinalhaven, Warren, Washington, Wesley, Wilton, Winslow, Winthrop, Woodstock; many other locations

caledonite(?) - Brooksville

cancrinite - Gardiner, Litchfield, West Gardiner

carbonate-apatite = carbonate-fluorapatite or carbonate-hydroxylapatite

carminite - Garland

carnotite(?) - unspecified in Aroostook County, Cornish(?)

cassiterite - Andover(?), Auburn, Aurora (in drift), Blue Hill(?), Buckfield, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Peru, Poland, Rumford, Southwest Harbor(?), Stoneham, Topsham, Township D, Warren, Winslow

cerargyrite(?) = chlorargyrite

cerium ore(?) - Phippsburg

cerussite - Brooksville, Garland, Lincolnville, Lubec, Pembroke, Rockport

chabazite - Phippsburg(?), Sullivan, Woolwich

chalcedony = variety of cryptocrystalline quartz; Georgetown, Perry, Phippsburg, Woolwich

chalcocite - Blue Hill, Brooksville, Franklin, Sullivan, Union, Warren, Woolwich

chalcophanite(?) - Rumford

chalcophyllite - Brooksville

chalcopyrite - Acton, Addison, Alder Stream Twp, Appleton, Attean Twp, Baldwin, Blue Hill, Bradstreet Twp, Brooksville, Brunswick(?), Castine, Cherryfield, Columbia, Concord, Cooper, Corinna, Crawford, Deer Isle, Dexter, Dover-Foxcroft, Eastport, Ellsworth, Falmouth, Franklin, Gardiner(?), Garland, Gouldsboro, Guilford, Hampden, Hancock, Jackson, Jim Pond Twp, Katahdin Iron Works, Knox, Lamoine, Lincolnville, Lubec, Machias, Moxie Gore, Newfield, New Limerick, Newry, Paris, Parmachenee (T5 R5 WBKP), Parsonsfield, Pembroke, Penobscot, Phillips, Portage, Readfield(?), Ripley, Rockland, Rockport, Rumford, Sangerville, Sedgwick, Steuben, Sullivan, Topsham(?), Trescott, Union, Warren, Waterford(?), Wesley, West Bethel, West Falmouth, Whiting, Winslow, Winterport, Winthrop(?)

chamosite - Byron, Mount Desert, Rangeley Plt, Standish, Township D, T12 R8 WELS, Windham

chiastolite = andalusite with geometric color zoning resembling a cross

childrenite(?) - Rumford(?); not verified in Maine

chlorargyrite(?) - Sullivan

chlorite group - see chamosite and clinochlore

chloritoid - Berwick(?), Biddeford, Bingham, Camden, Cumberland, Embden, Harpswell, Kingfield, Mayfield, Monmouth, North Haven, Old Orchard Beach, Parkertown, Portland, Saco, Scarboro, Solon, South Portland, Vassalboro, Winthrop

chlorophyllite (fahlunite) = clinochlore; Beaver Cove, Unity(?)

chromite - Alder Stream Twp, Deer Isle(?), East Moxie Twp, Jim Pond Twp, The Forks Plt , TD R2 WELS

chrysoberyl - Auburn, Brunswick, Buckfield(?), Canton, Edgecomb, Georgetown(?), Gilead, Grafton Notch, Greenwood, Hartford, Hebron, Litchfield, Lovell, Mechanic Falls, Mexico(?), Minot, Newry, Norway, Paris, Peru, Rumford, Standish, Stoneham, Stow, Sumner(?), Topsham, West Paris, Woodstock

chrysocolla - Beddington(?), Blue Hill, Brooksville, Penobscot(?), T22 MD(?), Wiscasset, Woolwich

chrysolite = forsterite (olivine)

chrysotile - see clinochrysotile

cimolite = clayey alteration; Norway

clarkeite(?) - Newry(?), Stoneham(?)

clay = general term for fine-grained minerals which sometimes show plastic properties; clay minerals proper include kaolinite, nacrite, halloysite, and montmorillonite, which are found in Maine; "clay" also refers to fine-grained micaceous minerals which can behave like clay, such as muscovite, illite, chlorite and even pulverized quartz, feldspars, and other rock-forming minerals; Abbot, Augusta, Bangor, Bath, Brewer, Brunswick, Calais, Danville, Durham, East Bethel, East Dover, East Sullivan, Eliot, Ellsworth, Howland, Kennebunk, Leeds, Lubec, Madison, Masardis, North Yarmouth, Orland, Portland, Presque Isle, Rockland, Saco, South Thomaston, Thomaston,Topsham, Waterville, Winslow, Woolwich

cleavelandite = platy variety of albite

clinochlore - Albany, Alfred, Biddeford, Cape Elizabeth, Castine, Castle Hill, Cherryfield, Concord, Cornish, Cutler, Dedham, Deer Isle, Eastport, Ellsworth schist, Frankfort, Franklin, Gouldsboro, Greenwood, Hanover, Hermon, Hovey Mtn., Jonesboro, Katahdin Iron Works, Lincolnville, Lubec, Marshfield, Minot, Muscle Ridge Plantation, Newry, North Haven, Norway, Perry, Portland, Rumford, Saint George, Sanford, Searsport, Stonington, Stow, Sullivan, Tremont, Union, Unity, Vinalhaven, Waterford, Woodstock, T10 SD

clinochrysotile - Addison, Alder Stream Twp, Bristol(?), Brooksville(?), Cherryfield, Columbia(?), Deer Isle, Hampden(?), Harpswell, Island Falls(?), Jim Pond Twp, Lower Enchanted Twp, North Haven(?), Richardsontown Twp, Sidney(?), Trescott(?), Union(?), Whiting(?), T3 R5 BKP WKR, T5 R6 BKP WKR, TD R2 WELS

clinozoisite - Brooksville, Casco, Dallas, Farmington, Flagstaff Twp, Minot, New Sharon, Phippsburg, Quimby Formation, Raymond, Sanford

cobalt-silver-arsenide(?) - Castine

coccolite = diopside; Woodstock

collophanite = massive unspecified apatites; Castle Hill, Mt. Katahdin (T3 R9 WELS), TD R2 WELS

columbite - Albany, Auburn(?), Baldwin, Bowdoin, Brunswick, Buckfield, Byron(?), Canton, Carroll, Georgetown, Gilead, Greenwood, Hebron, Newfield(?), Newry, Norway, Paris, Peru, Phippsburg, Poland, Pownal, Rumford, Southwest Harbor(?), Standish, Stoneham, Stow, Topsham, Township D, Township E, Warren, Waterford, West Paris

cookeite - Albany(?), Auburn, Buckfield, Cape Elizabeth(?), Georgetown, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Poland, Rumford(?), Standish(?), Topsham

copiapite(?) - appears to be a post-mine growth; Acton, Katahdin Iron Works, Waterville, Winthrop

copper - Acton(?), Appleton(?), Blue Hill, Brooksville, Camden(?), Carroll Plt, Cherryfield(?), Ellsworth(?), Hancock(?), Penobscot(?), Perry(?), Sorrento(?), Stoneham(?), Sullivan(?), Whiting(?)

copperas - unidentified iron sulfates

copper silicate(?) - Penobscot

cordierite - Attean, Baileyville, Big Squaw Twp, Blue Hill, Carrying Place Town Twp, Cupsuptic pluton (contact zone), Cushing Formation, Dennistown, Edgecomb, Ellsworth schist, Gardiner, Jackman, Monroe, Oakfield, Sidney; many other locations

corundum - Andover(?), Arrowsic(?), Bath(?), Blue Hill, Carrabassett Valley, Georgetown, Gilead(?), Greenwood(?), Harpswell, Litchfield, Rumford(?), Smyrna, Winthrop(?)

covellite - Blue Hill, Brooksville, Gouldsboro, Kibby, T3 R4 BKP WKR, T12 R8 WELS

crandallite - Newry, Paris

cryolite(?) - appears to be misidentified; Lubec

cryptomelane - Greenwood, Paris, Poland, Stoneham

cubanite - Brooksville, Union

cummingtonite - Appleton Ridge Formation, Aziscohos Formation, Bath, Belfast Quadrangle, Big Squaw Twp, Camden, Harfords Point Twp, Harpswell, Lincoln, Little Squaw Twp, Spring Point Formation, Sugarloaf gabbroic massif, Union, Warren

cuprite - Blue Hill, Brooksville, Pembroke

cymatolite = mixture of albite and muscovite; Auburn, Buckfield, Newry, Norway, Peru, Rumford, Stoneham, Topsham, Warren

cyrtolite = a radioactive variety of zircon

dahllite = a carbonatian variety of hydroxylapatite

damourite = muscovite - Auburn, Buckfield, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham, Topsham

danburite(?) - appears to be misidentified; Paris

datolite - Blue Hill, Perry

delessite = chlorite group; Castle Hill

diadochite - Auburn, Baldwin, Greenwood, Newry, Paris, Stoneham

diallage = diopside; Addison, Deer Isle, Monhegan

diaspore - Litchfield

diatomaceous earth = diatomite = fossil diatoms; many small deposits in ponds

dickinsonite - Auburn, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry(?), Poland, Rumford(?)

diopside - Addison, Alfred, Auburn, Bath, Bethel, Casco, Cornish, Crawford, Cushing, Deer Isle, Gray, Greenwood, Lew-iston, Limerick, Minot, Mount Vernon, Norridgewock, North Alfred, North Haven, Orrington, Phippsburg, Raymond, Rumford, Sanford, Turner, Vienna, Woodstock; common

dioptase(?) - Beddington(?), T22 MD(?)

dolomite - Alder Stream Twp, Boothbay Harbor, Brunswick(?), Camden, Cherryfield, Concord, Hope, Jim Pond Twp, Linneus, Lubec, Machiasport, Mapleton, Mount Vernon, New Limerick, Patten, Pembroke, Phippsburg, Rockland, Thomaston, Union, Vienna, Warren

dravite - Blue Hill, Newry, Paris, Penobscot, Rumford

dufrenite(?) = appears to be misidentified rockbridgeite; Newry

dumortierite - Edgecomb, Georgetown, Greenwood(?), Tops-ham, Woolwich

earlshannonite - Baldwin(?), Greenwood, Newry

edenite - Passadumkeag River pluton, Robbinston, Sapling Twp

elbaite-olenite - Auburn, Buckfield, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Poland, Rumford, Standish, Stoneham, Topsham, Township D, West Paris

eleanorite - Newry

eleaolite = nepheline

emerald = old identification for ordinary green beryl

emery(?) - Andover, Greenwood; that mined in Arrowsic is garnet only

enargite - T12 R8 WELS

enstatite - Addison, Baileyville, Calais, Chapman, The Forks, Katahdin Iron Works, Lincolnville, Oakfield, Saint George, Union, Vinalhaven, T16 R6 WELS; many other locations

eosphorite - Auburn, Baldwin, Buckfield, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Poland, Rumford, Stoneham

epidote - Addison, Alfred, Baileyville, Baldwin, Bar Harbor, Belgrade, Bethel, Bridgton, Brunswick, Calais, Camden, Cape Neddick, Carmel, Casco Bay, Cornish, Deer Isle, Eastport, Frankfort, Franklin, Freeport, Gouldsboro, Isle au Haut, Hancock County, Jonesboro, Jonesport, Lubec, Machiasport, Marshfield, Minot, Mount Desert, Mount Katahdin, Norridgewock, Norway, Pembroke, Phippsburg, Portland, Pound of Tea Island, Raymond, Ripogenus Dam (T3 R11 WELS), Sanford, Schooner Mountain, Searsport, South Thomaston, Stonington, Sullivan, Topsham, Tremont, Wayne, Whitefield, Winter Harbor, Woodstock, T5 R1 NBPP, T5 R7 BKP WKR, T9 R13 WELS; many other locations

erythrite(?) - probable misidentified coating; Castine

essonite = brown grossular

euclase(?) - Albany(?), Topsham

eucryptite(?) - Newry

evansite(?) - Paris

fairfieldite - Baldwin, Buckfield, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Poland, Rumford, Stoneham

fayalite - Big Squaw Twp, Little Squaw Twp, Newfield, Shapleigh, Tunk Lake pluton, Wells, York, T5 R9 WELS

feldspar = a group of similar minerals; see adularia, albite, andesine, anorthite, bytownite, labradorite, microcline, oligoclase, orthoclase, perthite

ferberite - Blue Hill, Bowdoinham(?), Cooper, Cornish(?), Topsham, T10 SD

ferrimolybdite - Blue Hill, Bradstreet Twp, Brunswick, Buckfield(?), Cooper, Franklin(?), Litchfield, Poland(?), Sanford, Topsham, Tunk Lake, T10 SD

ferrisicklerite - see heterosite

ferristilpnomelane - see stilpnomelane

ferroaxinite - Bath, Brooksville, Casco(?), Greenwood, Minot(?), Phippsburg(?), Sanford(?), Sorrento, Wales(?)

ferrocolumbite - see columbite

ferroedenite - Passadumkeag River pluton, Sapling

ferroedenitic hornblende - Passadumkeag River pluton

ferrohornblende - Deer Isle, Sapling Twp, South Portland

ferromanganite = apparently a mixture of black stain-forming minerals

ferropargasite - Sapling Twp

ferrosilite - Big Squaw, Cove Point, Little Squaw

ferrostrunzite - Newry

ferrotantalite - see tantalite

fluorapatite - Addison, Albany, Alfred, Auburn, Baldwin, Batchelders Grant, Bethel, Biddeford, Blue Hill, Bowdoinham, Bristol(?), Brunswick, Buckfield, Calais, Catherine Hill, Chapman, Dedham, Deer Isle, Frankfort, Franklin, Freeport, Greenwood, Hallowell, Hancock, Hartford, Hebron, Hollis, Jay, Jonesport, Lewiston, Lincolnville, Litchfield, Livermore, Lovell, Mapleton, Mason Twp, Milbridge, Minot, Monmouth, Mount Desert, Muscle Ridge Islands, Newry, Norridgewock, Northwest Harbor, Norway, Owen, Oxford, Paris, Peru, Phippsburg(?), Poland, Pownal, Rumford, Saint George, Searsport, Smithfield, South Thomaston, Stoneham, Stonington, Sullivan, Sumner, Topsham, Township D, Vinalhaven, Warren, Waterford, West Bath, Whitefield, Woodstock, Woolwich, T10 SD

fluorite - Albany, Blue Hill, Calais, Cooper, Deer Isle, Dixfield, Frankfort, Greenwood(?), Hancock, Lewiston, Livermore, Lovell, Mount Desert, Newry, Paris, Portland, Sanford, Stoneham, Stonington, Stow, Thomaston, Tunk Lake pluton, Wells, Winslow, Tl0 SD

forsterite - Addison, Bristol, The Forks, Katahdin Iron Works, Lincolnville, Oakfield, Saint George, Union, Warren; many other locations

fourmarierite - Greenwood(?), Newry

francolite = carbonate-fluorapatite

franklinite(?) - Rumford

fuchsite = chromian muscovite; Brunswick, Freeport, Gardiner, Jim Pond Twp

fulgarite = sand fused by lightning; Waterville

fullers earth = montmorillonite or, improperly, any white clay, diatomite, etc.

gahnite - Auburn, Baldwin, Blue Hill, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Greenwood, Norway, Stoneham, Stow, Surry, Topsham, West Paris

gainesite - Newry

galena - Acton, Addison, Alder Stream Twp, Aurora, Baldwin, Batchelders Grant, Belfast, Bingham, Blue Hill, Brooksville, Bucks-port, Camden, Carmel, Carthage, Castine, Cherryfield, Columbia, Concord, Corinna, Crawford, Deer Isle, Denmark, Dennysville, Dexter, Dixfield, Dover-Foxcroft, East Madison, Eastport, East Wilton, Ellsworth, Embden, Exeter, Fort Fairfield, Franklin, Garland, Gouldsboro, Guilford, Hampden, Hancock, Hermon, Jackson, Jonesport, Kezar Falls, Knox, Lamoine, Lebanon, Levant, Lincolnville, Lubec, Marion, Milton, Monson, Moscow, Mount Glines, Newfield, New Gloucester, New Limerick, Newry, Orrington, Owls Head, Parmachenee (T5 R5 WBKP), Parsonsfield, Pembroke, Penobscot, Phillips, Porter, Prospect, Rangeley, Ripley, Robbinston, Rockland, Rockport, Rumford, Saint Albans, Scarborough(?), Sedgwick, Sorrento, Sullivan, Thomaston, Topsham, Trescott, Union, Vassalboro, Verona, Warren, Wesley, West Falmouth, Whiting, Willimantic, Winslow, Woodstock

ganophyllite - Hammond, TD R2 WELS, T9 R3 WELS

garnet = a group of minerals; see almandine, andradite, grossular, spessartine, uvarovite

garnierite(?) - Alder Stream Twp, Jim Pond Twp, Warren

gedrite - Grafton Twp, Harpswell

gersdorffite - Union

gibbsite - Litchfield

glucine - Paris

goethite - Blue Hill, Brooksville, Houlton, Katahdin Iron Works, Linneus, Little Deer Isle, Lubec, Newry, Penobscot, Stoneham, Trescott, Waterville; many bog iron locations, etc.

gold - Acton, Albion, Ashland, Augusta, Avon, Bailey, Baileyville, Baring, Bingham, Blue Hill, Brooksville, Bucksport, Byron, Calais, Caratunk, Carmel, Carrabassett, Carrying Place, Catherine Hill, Cherryfield, China, Columbia, Concord, Corinna, Cutler, Dallas Plantation, Dead River, Dennistown, Dennysville, Dexter, Dover-Foxcroft, Ellsworth, Etna, Eustis, Exeter, Farmington, Gardiner, Gouldsboro, Greenfield, Hampden, Hancock, Harmony, Harrington, Haynes, Hiram, Houghton, Kibby Stream, Jackson, Kennebec River upper tributary, Kezar Falls, Knox, Lamoine, Lincoln, Lincolnville, Livermore, Lowell, Madrid, Marshfield, Milton, Moose River, Moscow, Mount Abraham, Mount Vernon, Newfield, New Portland, New Sharon, Oakland, Orland, Orrington, Palmyra, Paris, Parmachenee (T5 R5 WBKP), Parsonsfield, Pembroke, Penobscot, Phillips, Pittsfield, Pittston, Prospect, Rangeley, Readfield, Rockport, Rumford, Saco, Saint Albans, Saint John River, Sandy River Plantation, Shirley, Skowhegan, Sorrento, Southwest Harbor, Steuben, Stow, Strong, Sullivan, Swans Island, Trescott, Verona, Waterboro, Wesley, Willimantic, Winthrop, Woodstock, T3 R5 BKP WKR, T5 R6 BKP WKR, T31 MD BPP

gold telluride(?) - Sorrento, Sullivan

gorceixite - Buckfield, Newry

goyazite - Buckfield, Greenwood, Hebron(?), Newry, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham

graftonite - Greenwood

graphite - Augusta, Baldwin, Bangor, Bath, Belfast, Bethel, Blue Hill, Bowdoinham, Brooksville, Brunswick, Buckfield, Camden, Canton, Cape Elizabeth, Carthage, Charlotte, Crocker Hill, Dixfield, Dover-Foxcroft, East Sangerville, Farmington, Freeport, Gardiner, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hampden, Lebanon, Lewiston, Lincolnville, Litchfield, Madrid, Marion, Marshfield, Monmouth, Newry, Norway, Paris, Peru, Phillips, Phippsburg, Pittston, Pownal, Presque Isle, Raymond, Readfield, Rockland, Rumford, Sandy River Plantation, Sangerville, Scarborough, Searsmont, Sebago, Sumner, Thomaston, Turner, Union, Vinalhaven, Warren, Windham, Woodstock, Yarmouth

grayite - Topsham

greenockite - Brooksville, Newry, Paris, Standish, Sanford

grossular - Ashland, Auburn, Bath, Bethel, Blue Hill, Carthage, Casco, Cornish, Cushing, Farmington Falls, Gray, Hebron, Limerick, Mapleton, Minot, Newfield, Newry, Paris, Parsonsfield, Phippsburg, Presque Isle, Raymond, Rumford, Sanford, Washburn, Woodstock

grunerite - Palermo

gummite = a mixture of uranium minerals; Auburn, Georgetown, Greenwood, Newry, Rumford, Stoneham

gypsum - Brooksville, Linneus, Oakland, Pembroke, Saco(?), Skowhegan(?), Sullivan(?)

halite - Brooksville, Kittery, Perry, Winter Harbor, York; found as temporary films formed by evaporation of sea water

halloysite - Hebron, Paris, Rockland, Thomaston

hamlinite = goyazite

hastingsite - Tunk Lake pluton, Wayne

hatchettolite = variety of microlite/pyrochlore; Newry

hausmannite - Mt. Katahdin (T9 R3 WELS), TD R2 WELS

hedenbergite - Belfast Quadrangle, Brooks Quadrangle, Island Falls Quadrangle, Knox, Raymond(?), Rumford(?)

hematite - Alexander, Aroostook, Arrowsic, Aurora, Baldwin, Bar Harbor, Barnard, Belfast, Blue Hill, Bridgton, Brooksville, Brunswick, Buckfield, Castle Hill, Cherryfield, Hampden, Hancock County, Hodgdon, Howland, Katahdin Iron Works, Knox, Linneus, Lubec, Mapleton, Monson, Mount Desert, Newry, New Sweden, Norridgewock, North Yarmouth, Penobscot, Perham, Phippsburg, Pleasant Ridge Plantation, Portland, Rangeley, Rockland, Rumford, Saco, Southport, Stoneham, Stonington, Tops-ham, Tremont, Turner, Vinalhaven, Wade, Waite, Warren, Washburn, Wayne, Woodland, Woodstock; many other locations

hemimorphite - Brooksville, Lubec, Pembroke

hercynite - Carrabassett Valley, Stoneham(?), Union, Warren

herderite(?) - herderite is not found in Maine, all tested specimens are hydroxyl-herderite

heterosite - Baldwin, Greenwood, Newry, Norway, Paris, Peru, Rumford, Standish, Stoneham, Warren, (found at triphylite locations)

hiddenite = a variety of gemmy, green chromian-spodumene not found in Maine; false reports made on non-gem, non-chromian spodumene; Newry

hisingerite(?) - Paris

holmquistite - Rockport

hornblende - split into two species: magnesiohornblende and ferrohornblende

hornstone = fine-grained quartz resembling chert; Belfast, Tops-ham

huebnerite(?) - Blue Hill

humite-group mineral - Belfast Quadrangle, Norway

hureaulite - Buckfield, Greenwood, Newry, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham

hurlbutite - Paris(?), Rumford

hyalite = variety of transparent common opal; usually composed of poorly crystalline tridymite

hydronephelite = mixture of gibbsite, natrolite, and diaspore; Litchfield, West Gardiner

hydroxylapatite - Auburn, Buckfield, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway(?), Paris, Rumford, Stoneham

hydroxyl-herderite - Albany, Auburn, Baldwin, Bowdoinham, Buckfield, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Poland, Rumford, Stoneham, Topsham, West Paris

hydrozincite - Blue Hill(?), Brooksville(?), Deer Isle, Pembroke

hypersthene = enstatite

ice - usually seasonal; Greenwood Ice Caves, Mahoosuc Notch Ice Caves

iddingsite = altered olivine

idocrase = vesuvianite

illite = altered muscovite; Auburn; abundant in glacial tills

ilmenite - Byron, Cutler, Dallas Plt, East Moxie Twp, Farmington, The Forks, Gorham, Greenwood, Harpswell, Katahdin Iron Works, Leeds, Newfield, Newry, Oakfield, Phippsburg, Rangeley, Rockland, Stoneham(?), Stonington, Topsham, Union, Warren, Waterford(?), Wayne, Windham

ilmenorutile - Albany

iolite = cordierite

iridium - Hermon (exsolution in platinum?), Rangeley

iridosmine(?) - Dallas, Rangeley

ishikawaite - Topsham

jade = non-technical name given to fine-grained amphibole (usually nephrite), jadeite, serpentine, etc. for lapidary use; Eustis

jahnsite group - Auburn, Baldwin(?)

jahnsite-(CaMnFe) - Newry, Rumford

jahnsite-(CaMnMn) - Newry, Paris

jahnsite-(MnMnMn) - Greenwood, Stoneham

jarosite - Smalls Falls Formation (outcrop surface)

kaersutite - Auburn

kainosite-(Y) - Mount Desert

kamphaugite-(Y) - Mount Desert

kaolinite - Auburn, Blue Hill, Buckfield, Concord, Denmark, Milton, Newry, Paris, Parsonsfield, Poland, Rumford, Stow, Thomaston, Wales, Warren, Woolwich; glacial-lake clays(?)

kasolite - Greenwood

kermesite = schafarzikite; Linneus

kerolite (cerolite) = a mixture of minerals; Rockland, Thomaston, Warren

killinite = fine-grained muscovite; Newry, Peru

kivuite(?) - Newry

kosnarite - Paris

kryzhanovskite = landesite; Greenwood

kunzite = a pink, gem variety of spodumene; Andover(?), Auburn, Georgetown, Newry

kyanite - Bowdoinham(?), Clark Island, Freedom, Gorham, Grafton, Litchfield(?), Palermo, Paris(?), Pittston, Raymond, Standish, Upton, Waldoboro(?), Warren(?), Westbrook, Windham

labradorite = sodic anorthite; Addison, boulders in Carrabasset River valley, Chapman, Dead River valley, Lewiston, Litchfield, Parsonsfield, Rumford, Sanford(?), South Berwick, Thomaston, Union, Warren, York

lacroixite - Hebron

landesite - Buckfield, Greenwood, Newry(?), Poland

laueite - Baldwin, Buckfield(?), Greenwood, Newry(?), Paris, Rumford(?)

laumontite - Brooksville, Calais, Chisholm, Machias, Machiasport, Phippsburg(?)

lazulite - Georgetown, Newry(?)

lead(?) - apparent misidentification or reference to the chemical content of ore?; Cape Elizabeth (artifacts?)

lead oxides(?) - Trescott

lepidocrocite - Pembroke

lepidolite - Auburn, Brunswick(?), Buckfield, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hebron, Lewiston(?), Minot(?), Newry, Norway, Oxford, Paris, Peru, Poland, Raymond(?), Rumford, Standish, Stoneham(?), Topsham, Warren, Waterford, Winslow(?)

lepidomelane = ferrian annite; Litchfield, West Gardiner

leucophosphite(?) - Greenwood

leucopyrite = lllingite

leverrierite = altered muscovite; Auburn

limonite = impure earthy goethite; many bog iron locations; Abbot, Anson, Argyle, Arrowsic, Atkinson, Augusta, Aurora, Barnard, Bath, Blue Hill, Bridgton, Bristol, Brownville, Buckfield, Bucksport, Camden, Canton, China, Clinton, Dexter, Dixfield, Dover-Foxcroft, Farmington, Gardiner, Greenbush, Greenwood, Harmony, Harpswell, Harrington, Hodgdon, Houlton, Howland, Jay, Katahdin Iron Works, Lebanon, Liberty, Linneus, Lisbon, Moxie Gore, Naples, Newfield, New Limerick, New Portland, Orland, Oxbow Plantation, Paris, Pembroke, Phillips, Phippsburg, Pittston, Rangeley, Raymond, Rumford, Saco, Salem, Sebec, Shapleigh, Skowhegan, Somerville, Strong, The Forks, Thomaston, Trescott, Troy, Turner, Union, Wade, Wales, Warren, Wells, West Forks Plantation, Whitefield, Williamsburg, Winslow, Winthrop, T3 R7 WELS, T8 R7 WELS; many other locations

linarite - Brooksville, Garland, Lubec

linnaeite - Katahdin Iron Works(?)

litchfieldite = nepheline and cancrinite-bearing rock

lithiophilite - Auburn, Buckfield, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry(?), Norway, Paris(?), Poland, Rumford(?), Stoneham(?), Warren(?)

lizardite - Jim Pond

lllingite - Auburn, Baldwin, Bowdoin, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Paris, Poland, Rumford, Standish

ludlamite - Auburn, Greenwood, Newry, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham

mackinawite - Brooksville, Union, Warren

macle = chiastolite (in the sense of Cleaveland, 1816)

magnesiochromite(?) - Stoneham

magnesiohornblende - Grafton, Hermon, Newry, Upton

magnesite - Deer Isle, Jim Pond Twp, Portland, TD R2 WELS, T9 R3 WELS

magnetite - Addison, Alder Stream Twp, Alfred, Andover, Auburn, Augusta, Baileyville, Bar Harbor, Bath, Bethel, Biddeford, Black's Island, Blue Hill, Bridgton, Brooksville, Brownfield, Brunswick, Buckfield, Byron, Calais, Camden, Casco, Casco Bay islands, Castine, Castle Hill, Catherine Hill, Chapman, Crawford, Dedham, Deer Isle, Denmark, Farmington, The Forks, Frankfort, Franklin, Gardiner, Gouldsboro, Greenwood, Guilford, Hartland, Hermon, Hodgdon, Houlton, Isle au Haut, Jay, Jefferson, Jonesboro, Jonesport, Katahdin Iron Works, Lakeville, Leeds, Lincolnville, Linneus, Litchfield, Long Island Plantation, Lubec, Marshalls Island, Marshfield, Milbridge, Monhegan, Moosehead lake (T2 R6), Mount Desert, Mt. Katahdin Twp, Muscle Ridge Islands, Newfield, New Limerick, Newry, Norridgewock, Northeast Harbor, Patten, Perry, Phillips, Pownal, Raymond, Rumford, Saint George, Salem, Sanford, Searsport, Smithfield, South Thomaston, Steuben, Stoneham, Stonington, Sullivan, Swans Island, Thomaston, Topsham, Tremont, Union, Vinalhaven, Warren, Waterford, Wayne, Wells, West Gardiner, Whitefield, Winslow, Woolwich, T3 R5 BKP WKR, T5 R7 BKP WKR; many other locations

malachite - Alder Stream Twp, Blue Hill, Brooksville, Brunswick(?), Castine, Eastport, Garland, Gouldsboro, Guilford, Hancock, Lamoine, Litchfield(?), Newry, Pembroke, Perry(?), Phippsburg, Steuben, Topsham, Warren, Woolwich

manganapatite = manganoan fluorapatite, usually fluorescent; Albany, Auburn, Buckfield, Greenwood, Newry, Norway, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham

mangangordonite - Newry

manganite(?) - Buckfield, Newry, Rumford

manganocolumbite - Auburn, Buckfield, Greenwood, Newry, Paris, Rumford, Topsham

manganophyllite - Auburn

manganotantalite - Auburn, Buckfield, Greenwood, Newry, Rumford, West Paris

marcasite - Brooksville, Calais(?), Concord(?), East Moxie Twp, Katahdin Iron Works, Linneus, Monson, New Portland, Oakfield, Paris, Skowhegan, The Forks Plt, Union, Warren, Winslow

margarite - Camden, Rangeley, Stoneham(?), Township E, Winslow(?)

margarodite - see muscovite; Rumford, Stoneham

marialite - Raymond, Rumford(?)

mccrillisite - Paris

meionite - Casco, Cornish, Farmington Falls, Greenwood, Minot, Newfield, New Limerick, Parsonsfield, Phippsburg, Rumford, Sanford, Vassalboro

melanterite(?) - apparently a post-mine growth; Acton, Brooksville, Concord, Dixfield, East Andover, Greenwood, Hebron, Katahdin Iron Works, Rumford, Saco, Wales, Winthrop, T6 R8 WELS

messelite - Newry

metastibnite - Linneus

meteorites - Andover, Camden(?), Castine, Freedom(?), Friendship(?), Nobleboro, Northport(?), Searsmont, Waterville(?)

mica groups - see annite, biotite, chamosite, chlorite, cimolite, clinochlore, cookeite, damourite, illite, killinite, lepidolite, leverrierite, manganophyllite, margarite, muscovite, phlog-opite, pinite, sericite

microcline - Albany, Auburn, Bath, Bethel, Boothbay, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Brunswick, Buckfield, Canton, Edgecomb, Freeport, Fryeburg, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hallowell, Hebron, Leeds, Lewiston, Lisbon, Litchfield, Livermore, Livermore Falls, Minot, Mount Desert Island, Newcastle, Newry, Norway, Oxford, Orland, Paris, Peru, Phippsburg, Poland, Pownal, Raymond, Rumford, Stoneham, Southport, Southwest Harbor, Stow, Topsham, Township D, Tremont, Waterford, Woolwich, T10 SD; many other locations

microlite - Albany(?), Auburn, Brunswick, Buckfield, Georgetown, Gorham(?), Greenwood(?), Newry, Paris, Poland, Rumford, Stoneham(?), Topsham, Township D, West Paris

millerite(?) - Casco(?)

mimetite - Garland

mispickel = arsenopyrite; Bethel, Greenwood, Hebron, Newfield

mitridatite - Auburn, Baldwin, Greenwood, Newry, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham

molybdenite - Alder Stream Twp, Argyle(?), Auburn(?), Augusta, Baldwin, Belfast, Blue Hill, Bowdoinham(?), Bradstreet Twp, Brunswick, Buckfield, Caratunk(?), Carmel, Cooper, Damariscotta(?), Franklin, Greenwood, Hebron(?), Littleton, Machias, Marshfield, Mount Desert, Newfield, Norridgewock, Norway, Paris, Poland, Sanford, Surry, Topsham, Tremont, Union, Warren, Whiting, Tl0 SD

molybdite = name formerly given to ferrimolybdite

monazite-(Ce) - Blue Hill, Brunswick, Eustis, Gardiner, Newry, Pownal, Rumford, Stow, Topsham

montebrasite - Auburn, Baldwin, Buckfield, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Paris, Peru, Poland, Rumford, Stoneham, Topsham, Township D, Warren(?)

montmorillonite - Auburn, Buckfield, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham, Township D

moraesite - Greenwood, Newry, Paris

morganite = a pink, gem variety of beryl; Auburn, Buckfield, Greenwood, Newry, Paris, Poland

muscovite - Albany, Andover, Auburn, Batchelders Grant, Bethel, Blue Hill, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Brunswick, Buckfield, Canton, Edgecomb, Freeport, Frye, Fryeburg, Gardiner, Georgetown, Gilead, Greenwood, Hebron, Jonesboro, Leeds, Lewiston, Limington, Litchfield, Lovell, Ludlow, Lyman, Mexico, Monmouth, Newry, Norway, Oxford, Paris, Parsonsfield, Peru, Phippsburg, Poland, Pownal, Raymond, Roxbury, Rumford, Southport, Stoneham, Stow, Topsham, Unity, Waldoboro, Waterboro, Waterford, Wayne, West Bath, Winslow, Winterport, Woodstock, Woolwich, Township D, Township E, T10 SD; many other locations

nacrite(?) - Leeds, Unity

natrolite - Litchfield, Perry, Windham(?)

neotocite - TD R2 WELS, T9 R3 WELS

nepheline - Gardiner, Litchfield, Monmouth, Newfield, West Gardiner

niccolite = nickeline

nickeline - Blue Hill, Byron(?), Calais(?), Rumford, Union

niggliite - Union, Warren

nontronite - Auburn, Topsham

novaculite = probably diatomaceous earth (Cleaveland, 1816) rather than the modern variety of quartzite; The Forks

nsutite - Parlin Pond Twp

ochre = an earthy pigment usually of goethite, hematite, or manganese oxides; Bridgton, Buckfield, Dixfield, Howland, Lisbon, Naples, Paris, Rumford,

olenite-elbaite - Stoneham

oligoclase = calcic albite; Denmark, Gouldsboro, Lewiston, Marshfield, Noisy Brook gneiss, Norway; many other locations

olivine group - see fayalite and forsterite

opal - Albany, Auburn, Baldwin, Brunswick, Buckfield, Casco, Freeport, Fryeburg, Greenwood, Mexico, Newry, Paris, Rumford, Standish, Topsham, Warren; see hyalite and tridymite

orpiment(?) - Newfield

orthite = allanite-(Ce)

orthoclase = a "disordered" microcline; not found in most pegmatites; a variety commonly found in eruptive rocks; see microcline

ottrelite = old synonym for chloritoid, now used to designate the manganese-dominant species; intent of original identification probably was chloritoid (q.v.)

palermoite(?) - Paris

pargasite - Bethel, Parsonsfield, Phippsburg, Sapling Twp, Union

parsonsite(?) - Newry

pectolite(?) - Cornish, Sullivan

penninite - see clinochlore

pentlandite - Blue Hill, East Moxie, The Forks, Katahdin Iron Works, Oakfield, Union, Warren

perhamite - Greenwood, Newry, West Paris

perovskite(?) - Sanford

perthite = a mixture (intergrowth) of microcline and albite

petalite - Buckfield(?), China(?), Greenwood, Newry(?), Paris, Peru

phenakite - Albany, Greenwood(?), Hebron(?), Rumford(?), Stoneham, Stow, Topsham, Waterford(?)

phengite - Bradstreet, Sapling

phetite(?) - name of unknown significance (Hanley, 1936); Litchfield

phlogopite - many locations; important component in many schists; Gardiner, Hebron, Lewiston, Vassalboro Formation

phosphophyllite - Newry, Paris, Rumford

phosphosiderite - Baldwin, Greenwood, Stoneham

phosphuranylite - Georgetown, Hebron, Newry, Paris, Phippsburg, Rumford, Stoneham

picotite(?) = chromian spinel; Stoneham

picrolite = a gemmy variety of antigorite; Alder Stream Twp, Deer Isle, Jim Pond Twp, T3 R5 BKP WKR

pigeonite - Andover, Brooksville, Grafton, Whiting, TD R2 WELS, TE R2 WELS, T9 R3 WELS

pinite = a fine-grained, greasy mass of mica, usually muscovite; Greenwood, Newry, Norway, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham, Warren

plagioclase = a chemical series between albite and anorthite; varieties include oligoclase and andesine of albite and the varieties labradorite and bytownite of anorthite

platinum - Ashland(?), Dallas, Hermon, Rangeley, Salem(?), Union, Warren

pleonaste = ferroan spinel

plumbojarosite(?) - unsupported assumption that Maine limonite was plumbojarosite-bearing

pollucite - Auburn, Brunswick(?), Buckfield, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Rumford, Stoneham, Township D, West Paris

polycrase-(Y) - Topsham

portlandite(?) - probably misidentified; Portland

powellite - Newfield, Sanford

prehnite - Auburn, Calais, Ellsworth(?), Farmington, Grafton, Jay, Livermore, Manchester, Newry(?), Perry, Portland, Sullivan, Winthrop, Woodstock , T3 R11 WELS, TD R2 WELS, T3 R5 BKP WKR

prochlorite = clinochlore; Buckfield, Cutler, Eastport, Raymond, Topsham

proustite(?) - Sullivan

psilomelane = romanechite

pumpellyite-Fe - Sapling Twp, Brassua Lake Quadrangle

pumpellyite-Mg - regional metamorphic mineral in Aroostook county; Ashland, Castle Hill, Deer Isle, Nashville Plantation, Pembroke, Perham, Perry, Portage Lake, Stockholm, Wade, Westmanland, T12 R7 WELS, T12 R8 WELS, T12 R9 WELS, T13 R5 WELS, T13 R7 WELS, T13 R8 WELS, T13 R9 WELS, T14 R5 WELS, T14 R6 WELS, T14 R7 WELS, T15 R5 WELS, T16 R4 WELS, T16 R5 WELS

purpurite - Auburn, Greenwood, Hebron(?), Newry(?), Norway, Paris(?), Peru(?), Rumford(?), Stoneham(?), Warren(?); found only at lithiophilite locations

pyrargyrite(?) - Franklin, Hancock, Sullivan

pyrite - Acton, Addison, Albany, Albion, Andover, Anson, Appleton, Athens, Auburn, Augusta, Baldwin, Bar Harbor, Batchelders Grant, Benton, Bethel, Bingham, Blue Hill, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Brooksville, Brunswick, Buckfield, Bucksport, Byron, Calais, Camden, Cape Elizabeth, Carmel, Carthage, Casco, Castine, Castle Hill, Catherine Hill, Cherryfield, China, Clinton, Columbia, Concord, Cooper, Corinna, Deer Isle, Dexter, Dover-Foxcroft, East Madison, Eastport, Ellsworth, Falmouth, Fairfield, Farmington, Frankfort, Franklin, Freeport, Gardiner, Georgetown, Gouldsboro, Greenwood, Guilford, Hallowell, Hampden, Hancock, Harmony, Harpswell, Hermon, Hiram, Hodgdon, Industry, Jackson, Jay, Jewells Island, Jonesport, Katahdin Iron Works, Kennebec, Kennebunk, Kingfield, Knox, Lebanon, Lewiston, Lexington, Lincolnville, Linneus, Litchfield, Long Island Plantation, Lubec, Machias, Machiasport, Manchester, Mapleton, Marshfield, Mason, Milton, Mount Desert, Mount Vernon, Newfield, New Limerick, New Portland, Newry, New Sweden, Norridgewock, North Yarmouth, Owls Head, Oxbow, Paris, Pembroke, Penobscot, Peru, Phillips, Phippsburg, Pittston, Portland, Pownal, Prospect, Raymond, Rockland, Rockport, Rumford, Saco, Saint George, Searsport, Sebec, Sedgwick, Skowhegan, Smyrna, South Berwick, Stoneham, Stonington, South Thomaston, Stow, Sullivan, Surry, Thomaston, Thorndike, Topsham, Trescott, Troy, Turner, Unity, Union, Vassalboro, Verona, Vinalhaven, Wales, Warren, Waterboro, Waterville, Wayne, Wesley, West Falmouth, Winslow, Winthrop, Woodstock, York, T3 R5 BKP WKR, T10 SD; many other locations

pyrochlore(?) - Buckfield, Newry, Rumford

pyrolusite - not yet verified from Maine

pyromorphite - Gouldsboro, Lubec, Pembroke, Stow

pyrophanite - TD R2 WELS, T9 R3 WELS

pyrophyllite - Carrabassett Valley, Thomaston(?)

pyroxene group - see augite, diallage, diopside, hedenbergite, hiddenite, kunzite, pigeonite, spodumene

pyrrhotite - Acton, Andover, Appleton, Auburn, Baldwin, Bingham, Blue Hill, Brooksville, Brownfield, Bryant Pond Quadrangle, Buckfield, Byron, Byron schist, Carthage, Castine, Cherryfield, Concord, The Forks, Gardiner, Hancock, Katahdin Iron Works, Lewiston, Linneus, Litchfield, Lubec, Newfield, New Limerick, Newry, Norway, Oakfield, Paris, Pembroke, Penobscot, Peru, Phillips, Raymond, Rockport, Rumford, Standish, Stoneham, Union (hexagonal and monoclinic), Warren, Waterford, Wesley, Winslow, Winter Harbor

quartz - Acton, Albany, Auburn, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Brooksville, Brunswick, Buckfield, Calais, Casco, Danville, Denmark, Georgetown, Gilead, Greenwood, Hartford, Hebron, Jonesport, Liberty, Lovell, Lubec, Machiasport, Minot, Newry, Norway, Paris, Perry, Peru, Phippsburg, Portland Harbor, Pownal, Rumford, Sanford, Skowhegan, Stoneham, Stow, Topsham, Township D, Warren, Waterford, Westbrook, Woodstock, Woolwich, T10 SD; found in virtually every town

rammelsbergite - Union

reddingite - Auburn(?), Buckfield, Greenwood, Newry(?), Poland(?), Rumford, Stoneham

rhabdophane-(Ce) - Topsham

rhodochrosite - Auburn, Buckfield, Castle Hill, Deer Isle, Franklin, Gouldsboro, Greenwood, Hancock, Houlton(?), Mapleton, Newry, New Sweden(?), Paris, Pembroke(?), Poland, Rumford, Stockholm(?), Woodstock(?), TD R2 WELS, T9 R3 WELS

rhodonite - Blue Hill, Deer Isle, Rumford(?), TD R2 WELS, T9 R3 WELS

riebeckite - Cashes Ledge, Litchfield, Tunk Lake pluton, Wells, York

robertsite - Greenwood

rockbridgeite - Baldwin, Greenwood, Newry, Poland, Rumford, Standish

romanechite - Bethel, Blue Hill, Buckfield, Castle Hill, Dover-Foxcroft, Gardiner, Greenwood, Hebron, Herman, Hodgdon, Linneus, Lubec, Mapleton, Newry, New Sweden, Oxford, Paris, Penobscot, Phillips, Pittston, Rockland, Rumford, Skowhegan, Somerville Plantation, South Berwick, Sumner, Sweden, Thomaston, Topsham, Township C, Waite, Winslow, Woodland, T3 R7 WELS, T6 R8 WELS, T8 R7 WELS

rosasite - Brooksville

roscherite group - Baldwin, Buckfield, Newry, Paris, Rumford

rutherfordine - Newry

rutile - Albany, Bethel, Blue Hill, Brunswick, Farmington, The Forks, Kennebunk, Litchfield, Monmouth, Saint George, Standish, Topsham, Union, Warren, Waterford

safflorite - Brooksville

sahlite (salite) = ferroan diopside; Bethel, Parsonsfield, Rumford

samarskite-(Y) - not found in Maine, see ishikawaite

saponite - Edmunds, Pembroke, Perry

saussurite = a mixture; in this case, zoisite + plagioclase; Bryant Pond Quadrangle

scapolite group - see marialite and meionite

schafarzikite - Linneus

scheelite - Blue Hill, Byron, Cooper, Cornish, Farmington, Franklin(?), Greenwood, Newfield, Norway(?), Parsonsfield, Phippsburg, Porter, Roxbury, Sanford, Township D, T10 SD

schoepite/metaschoepite - Poland

schoonerite - Newry

schorl - Albany, Auburn, Baldwin, Brunswick, Buckfield, Freeport, Georgetown, Greenwood, Mechanic Falls, Minot, Newry, Paris, Peru, Phippsburg, Popham Beach, Rumford, West Paris, Windham; many other locations

scolecite - Windham

scorodite - Georgetown, Greenwood, Minot, Newry, Paris, T12 R8 WELS

scorzalite - Newry

sekaninaite - Carrying Place, Carrying Place Town, Upper Cupsuptic Twp.

sericite = fine-grained mica scales; Alder Stream Twp, Blue Hill, Calais, Jonesport, Lovell, Penobscot, Warren

serpentine group - see antigorite, clinochrysotile, picrolite

serpierite - Brooksville

sicklerite - see purpurite

siderite - Baldwin, Blue Hill, Brooksville, Denmark, East Madison, Greenwood, Jim Pond Twp, Mattagamon Lake, Milton, Newry, Old Orchard Beach, Paris, Pembroke, Rockport, Rumford, Traveler Mtn., Windham, Winthrop

sillimanite - Albany, Alexander, Auburn, Bethel, Brunswick, Bucksport, Byron, Gorham, Greenwood, Hanover, Kittery, Monmouth, Northport, North Yarmouth, Norway, Paris, Phippsburg, Rumford, Sabattus, Sidney, Standish, Stoneham, Stow, Sumner, Turner, Waldoboro, Warren, Waterford, Waterville, Windham, Winthrop, Woolwich, etc.

silver - Acton, Blue Hill, Deer Isle, Franklin, Gouldsboro, Hancock, Lowell(?), Pembroke(?), Penobscot, Sedgwick, Sullivan, York(?)

skogbolite = tapiolite; Topsham

smithsonite - Blue Hill, Brooksville, Lubec, Pembroke

sodalite - Litchfield, Newfield, Parsonsfield, West Gardiner

souzalite - Newry

sperrylite - Union, Warren

spessartine - Auburn, Blue Hill, Buckfield, Camden, Harpswell, Palermo, Newry(?), Phippsburg, Rumford(?), Stoneham(?), Topsham(?), Township D

sphalerite - Acton, Auburn, Baldwin, Bingham, Blue Hill, Brooksville, Buckfield, Bucksport, Carthage, Casco, Castine, Cherryfield, Concord, Corinna, Crawford, Cutler, Danforth(?), Deer Isle, Dexter, Ellsworth, Garland, Gouldsboro, Greenwood, Guilford, Hampden, Hancock, Jackson, Knox, Lebanon, Levant, Lincolnville, Lubec, Milton, Newfield, Newry, Paris, Parmachenee (T5 R5 WBKP), Parsonsfield, Pembroke, Penobscot, Phippsburg, Prospect, Rangeley, Raymond, Rockport, Rumford, Sanford, Sangerville, Sedgwick, Stoneham, Sullivan, Thomaston, Topsham, Township C, Township D, Township E, Union, Warren, Wesley, Whiting, Woodstock

sphene = titanite

spinel - Auburn(?), Baileyville, Blue Hill, Calais, Greenwood(?), Norway(?), Sapling, Stow(?), Topsham(?), Tunk Lake pluton, Union, Warren, York

spodiosite(?) - Stoneham

spodumene - Andover(?), Auburn, Buckfield, Cushing, Fryeburg, Georgetown, Gorham(?), Greenwood, Hebron, Litchfield(?), Lovell, Minot(?), Newry, Norway, Paris, Parsonsfield(?), Peru, Poland, Rumford, Standish, Tops-ham, Township D, Township E, Warren, West Gardiner(?), Wilton, Windham(?)

stannite - Bradstreet Twp

staurolite - Andover, Appleton, Belfast, Bingham, Brunswick, Byron, Camden, Carrying Place Twp, China Lake, Farmington, Gorham, Hallowell, Harpswell, Hebron, Islesboro, Jackson, Livermore, Livermore Falls, Monmouth, Mount Abraham, Newry, New Sharon, Old Town, Phippsburg, Readfield, Rumford, Saint John River, Sebago, Sidney, South Windham, Standish, Strong, Temple, Township E, Vassalboro, Windham, Winthrop

staurotide = staurolite

steatite = an impure massive talc; Harpswell, Rockland, Warren

stellerite - Mount Desert

stephanite(?) - Franklin, Gouldsboro, Hancock, Lowell, Sullivan

stevensite - Thomaston

stewartite - Greenwood, Newry, Paris, Poland, Stoneham

stibiconite - Levant, Linneus

stibiotantalite - Topsham

stibnite - Blue Hill, Buckfield(?), Carmel, Hallowell(?), Hampden, Levant, Linneus, Sullivan(?), Vanceboro(?)

stilbite - Blue Hill, Calais, Franklin, Hallowell, Orland, Perry, Stonington, Vinalhaven, T10 SD, T3 R11 WELS

stilpnomelane - Deer Isle, Jim Pond Twp, Upper Enchanted Twp, TD R2 WELS, T9 R3 WELS

strengite - Greenwood, Newry

stromeyerite(?) - Sullivan

struvite = apparent misprint for strunzite

strunzite - Auburn, Baldwin, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Poland, Rumford, Stoneham, Unity (=Unity, N.H. ?)

sulfur - Acton(?), Brooksville(?), Katahdin Iron works(?), Linneus

switzerite-metaswitzerite - Greenwood, Newry

sylvanite(?) - Sorrento

talc - Bethel(?), Blue Hill, Brooksville, Calais(?), Camden, Deer Isle, Dexter, Ellsworth(?), Hampden, Harpswell, Hope, Kibby, Northport, Ovis Island, Portland(?), Rockland, Sidney(?), Sullivan(?), Thomaston, Union, Vassalboro(?), Warren, T3 R5 BKP WKR

tantalite(?) - Buckfield, Byron, Newry, Paris, Rumford, Standish, Topsham, Township E, Warren

tapiolite - Auburn, Brunswick, Newry, Paris, Topsham

tellurium(?) - probably refers to element in ore; Sorrento

tennantite - Blue Hill, Brooksville

tenorite - Pembroke

tetradymite - Sorrento, Sullivan(?)

tetrahedrite - Blue Hill, Carmel, Deer Isle(?), Enfield(?), Gouldsboro, Hampden, Levant, Lowell, Passadumkeag, Penobscot, Steuben, Sullivan

thomsonite(?) - Mount Desert, Thomaston

thorianite - Topsham

thorogummite - Topsham

tirodite - Belmont, Blue Hill, Searsmont

titanite - Albany, Alfred, Andover, Beals Island, Bethel, Biddeford, Bristol, Brooksville, Brunswick, Calais, Casco, Cornish, Crotch Island, Farmington, Frankfort, Hancock, Hartland, Jonesport, Kennebunk, Leeds, Litchfield, Long Island Plantation, Lubec, Mapleton, Marshfield, Minot, Mooselookmeguntic granodiorite, New Sharon, Norridgewock, Phippsburg, Rumford, Saint George, Sanford, Sears-port, South Thomaston, Stonington, Sullivan, Swans Island, Thomaston, Topsham, Union, Wayne, Whitefield, Woodstock

todorokite - Auburn, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Paris, Poland, Stoneham

topaz - Albany(?), Auburn, Brunswick, Buckfield, Greenwood, Hebron, Rumford(?), Stoneham, Stow, Sumner, Topsham, Woolwich(?)

torbernite/metatorbernite - Albany, Auburn, Bowdoinham, Georgetown, Gilead, Greenwood, Newry, Paris, Peru, Phippsburg, Rumford, Stoneham, Topsham, Warren

tosudite - Buckfield

tourmaline group - see dravite, elbaite-olenite, schorl, and uvite

tremolite - Bethel, Blue Hill, Bowdoinham, Brooksville, Calais, Camden, Castine, Ocean Point, Portland, Raymond, Rockland, Sullivan, Thomaston, Trescott, Union, Warren

tridymite(?) - Warren(?)

triphylite - Auburn(?), Baldwin, Buckfield(?), Frye, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry, Norway, Paris, Peru, Rumford, Stoneham, Topsham(?), Warren

triplite - Auburn, Buckfield, Greenwood, Hebron, Newry(?), Poland, Rumford(?), Stoneham

triploidite - Greenwood, Newry

troilite - Katahdin Iron Works

tungstite(?) - Topsham

turgite = iridescent hematite

tyuyamunite(?) - Newfield

ulvspinel - Union

uraconite = an undefined name; specimens from Maine labeled this way are usually autunite/meta-autunite; Lovell, Stoneham

uralolite - Baldwin, Newry

uraninite - Albany, Auburn, Baldwin, Buckfield, Greenwood, Minot(?), Newry, Paris, Pownal, Rumford, Stoneham, Topsham, Warren

uranophane - Albany, Auburn, Greenwood, Lovell, Newry, Norway, Phippsburg, Rumford, Stoneham, Topsham

uranophyllite = misprint for uranopilite

uranopilite(?) - Newry, Rumford

ushkovite - Newry

uvarovite - Union

uvite(?) - Oxford County

vaesite - Union, Warren

valentinite - Linneus

valeriite - Brooksville

vandendriesscheite - Greenwood, Newry

vanmeersscheite-metavanmeersscheite - Newry

vayrynenite(?) - Rumford

verd-antique = a decorative serpentine rock with white line patterns, etc.; Deer Isle

vesuvianite - Auburn, Bath, Belgrade, Bethel, Casco, Cornish, Farmington Falls, Greenwood, Hebron, Lewiston, Limerick, Livermore, Minot, Newfield, North Alfred, Paris, Parsonsfield, Peru, Phillips, Phippsburg, Poland, Raymond, Roxbury, Rumford, Sanford, Shapleigh, Woodstock

violarite - East Moxie Twp, The Forks, Katahdin Iron Works, Oakfield, Union(?)

vivianite - Auburn, Baldwin, Bath, Georgetown, Greenwood, Madawaska, Newfield(?), Newry, Peru, Rumford, Stoneham, West Paris, York

vorobeyevite = cesian beryl; Buckfield, Greenwood, Paris

wad - a general name for massive black manganese oxides and bog manganese; Blue Hill, Dover, Hodgdon, Oxford, Rockland, Sumner, Thomaston, York

wagnerite - Blue Hill

wardite - Newry, Poland

wavellite(?) - misidentified eosphorite or roscherite; Newry

wernerite = synonym for scapolite; = meionite in most cases

whitlockite(?) - Newry(?), Poland(?), Rumford(?)

whitmoreite - Baldwin(?), Newry

wodginite - Buckfield, Greenwood, Newry, Rumford, Township D

woelsendorfite - Greenwood, Newry

wolframite = general name for a series of minerals; see ferberite and huebnerite

wollastonite - Cornish, Cherryfield(?), northern Dover-Foxcroft Quadrangle(?), Flagstaff Twp, Guilford Quadrangle(?), southeastern Kingsbury Quadrangle(?), Pittsfield Quadrangle, Skowhegan Quadrangle(?), Warren

wulfenite - Lubec, Stow

wurtzite - Newry

xanthoxenite - Newry, Paris, Rumford

xenotime-(Y) - Newry, Topsham

yedlinite = a mineral found by Neal Yedlin at Newry was expected to be named yedlinite but eventually was named gainesite instead; the chromate mineral from Arizona which was named yedlinite is completely unrelated except that it was named for Neal Yedlin

yttrocerite(?) = a rare earth-bearing fluorite; Auburn(?), Paris(?)

zanazziite - Newry

zinc blende = sphalerite

zinnwaldite - Buckfield, Newry, Warren

zircon - Albany, Alfred, Auburn, Baldwin, Biddeford, Blue Hill, Bristol, Brunswick, Buckfield, Calais, Cooper, Dedham, Farmington, Franklin, Gardiner, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hallowell, Hebron, Litchfield, Long Island Plantation, Lovell, Ludlow, Marshfield, Monmouth, Mount Desert, Newry, New Sweden, Norridgewock, Norway, Oxford, Paris, Pownal, Rumford, Saint George, Sanford, Searsport, Somerville, South Thomaston, Stoneham, Stonington, Topsham, Tremont, Union, Vinalhaven, Warren, Wells, West Gardiner, Whitefield, Woodstock

zoisite - Bryant Pond Quadrangle, Cape Neddick, Castine, Cornish, Farmington, The Forks, Jonesboro, Lewiston, North Haven, South Berwick, Vassalboro, York County

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