How do I know if I've found emerald ash borer?

Emerald ash borer has not been found in Maine, however it could be here undetected. Emerald ash borer is among the forest threats that is easily moved in firewood. Maine's scenic places draw thousands of visitors and seasonal residents each year, providing many opportunities for potential pest introductions on firewood. Emerald ash borer adults are active between late May and September.

Is the tree an ash species?

Is the tree in poor health?

The following symptoms can be caused by native pests, emerald ash borers or other stresses:

  • Branch dieback in upper crown
  • Sparse leaves
  • Splits in bark
  • New sprouts on trunk or limbs

QUESTION 3:(Image guide)
Do you see any of the following?

It’s NOT Emerald Ash Borer if you see:

  • Round or oval holes in bark
  • Brown papery insect “skins” in bark holes (clearwing moths)
  • Round holes in rows on bark (yellowbellied sapsucker)
  • Larval tunnels deep into wood or not S-shaped

More Information


Collect a sample (put it in a pill container or similar and freeze it)

Take pictures

Note the location (GPS if available)

Call: (207) 287-2431 or e-mail