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MFS Services
For help and information about owning and managing Maine land and trees, your best resource is the Maine Forest Service. With a history of public service that reaches back to the late 19th century, the Maine Forest Service is dedicated to keeping our woodlands healthy, productive, and beautiful. Our Foresters respect your wishes for your land and trees. We're here to give you practical advice, to share our expertise and to help you make informed decisions.

In addition to assisting Maine's private woodland owners, the Maine Forest Service guards all of Maine from forest fires, provides assessments of statewide forest conditions, and conducts programs to monitor pests and diseases that threaten our trees.

Maine Forest Service Foresters work with landowners throughout Maine. District Foresters are close at hand, working in every corner of our state. District Foresters can answer your questions about your woodland, and help you make choices about managing your land and trees. We can help - whether you're just getting started, or have been managing your woodland for years. Our District Foresters know more about Maine's trees and woodlands than almost anyone. We're not just experts; we're experts who work for you.

Give us a call at (207) 287-2791.
Or visit this page to find the name and contact information of a District Forester near you.

As Licensed Foresters, Maine Forest Service District Foresters hold degrees in Forestry and related fields, and have a wealth of experience. Often, however, it is our Foresters' local knowledge that proves most helpful to you as a landowner. Our Foresters probably can tell you about the history of the land: when it was most likely harvested in the past, whether it once served primarily as pasture or farmland, and if your trees appear susceptible to disease and pests that may be making their way through other parts of Maine's forests. Plus, our District Foresters also know the people - what Consulting Foresters and Professional Loggers are available in your area.


Forest Rangers
Maine Forest Service Forest Rangers also help protect your rights as a woodland owner. If you believe you have been a victim of a timber trespass, which is defined as intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly crossing a boundary line and cutting another's trees without their permission, or theft, which is the act of intending to deprive a landowner of their property or proceeds by intentionally or knowingly cutting another's trees without their permission, or failing to make stumpage payments for trees cut, you should call the Maine forest service immediately. You should also call the Maine Forest Service if you have a complaint against a logger or other forestry professional. One of our Forest Rangers will call you to set up a visit.


Insect & Disease Specialists
Maine Forest Service Insect & Disease specialists conduct forest health monitoring surveillance and forest resource inventory to provide predictive evaluations and both preventative and remedial prescriptions. Technical advice and assistance is available to municipalities and landowners so that managers can make timely and informed site specific pest management decisions.

For technical advice and assistance regarding forest pest identification and management, contact the Insect & Disease Lab @ 207-287-2431.

Maine Forest Service's Insect & Disease specialists also work with local landowners, wood processors, and the federal government to assure that Maine's forested ecosystem is protected from inadvertent introduction of foreign pest species. If people suspect the presence of any nonnative pest, they should contact the Lab immediately. Staff experts will follow-up on any such reports. They can also provide the public with information regarding state and federal regulations on movement of nursery stock and/or wood products, and will work with individuals to assure that any materials imported do not harbor unwelcome hitchhikers.


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