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UPDATED photo simulation from Crocker Mountain.
Black Nubble is peak on right, Redington is the peak on center-left.

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Revised Application for Black Nubble Wind Farm

Revision 1.1 - Preliminary Submission Corrections

LURC Forms

DEP Permit

DEP Permit (NEW)

LURC Chapter 10.21, G

8,a 8,a(2) 8,a(3) 8,a(8) 8,a(9) 10,a(2)(a) 10,a(2)(b)

Black Nubble Mountain Wind Farm project description including engineering detail for Roads, Power Lines, and Turbine Foundations.

3.0 Financial Capacity (UPDATED)

3.1 Edison Letter (UPDATED)

3.2 Edison Mission Energy 2007 Financial Statements (NEW)

6.0 Visual & Scenic Report

8.0 Historical Research Narrative (MINOR UPDATES)

8.1 Historical Preservation Commission Correspondence (N/C)

8.2 Native American Tribes Correspondence (N/C)

9.0 Natural Areas Overview (UPDATED)

10.0 Buffers Overview (UPDATED)

12.0 Stormwaters Overview (UPDATED)
Section 14
Erosion & Sedimentation
LURC 8,a(11) 10,a(2)(d)

14.1 Roadway Erosion & Sedimentation Control (UPDATED)

Roadway Erosion & Sedimentation Control Attachments (A & B) (UPDATED)

14.2 Powerline Erosion & Sedimentation Control (UPDATED)

14.3 Attachment D - Figure T-1 (UPDATED)

15.0 Groundwater Narrative (MINOR UPDATES)
16.0 Water Supply Narrative (UPDATED)

17.0 Wastewater Narrative (MINOR UPDATES)

17.1 Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System Application (N/C)

18.0 Solid Waste Narrative (UPDATED)

18.1 Stump Dump Location Map (UPDATED)

19.0 Flooding Narrative (MINOR UPDATES)
20.0 Blasting Narrative (MINOR UPDATES)
21.0 Air Emissions Narrative (UPDATED)
22.0 Odors Narrative (MINOR UPDATES)
23.0 Water Vapor Narrative (MINOR UPDATES)
24.0 Sunlight & Shadow Narrative (MINOR UPDATES)