LUPC Hydropower Permit 30 - Middle Dam Renewal

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Revised May 3, 2019

Brookfield is required to meet certain dam safety criteria mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license for the Upper and Middle Dams Storage Project. Middle Dam is located at the southwest portion of Lower Richardson Lake in Township C where the lake drains into the Rapid River. Upper Dam was completely rebuilt due to its age, deteriorating condition, and structural unknowns related to its more than 100-year history. Middle Dam, which was originally built in the 1850s, has gone through numerous construction efforts and upgrades that do not meet the current FERC requirements. In order to meet the applicable FERC license conditions, Brookfield has determined that a complete renewal of the dam, referred to as the Middle Dam Renewal Project, is the most structurally sound and feasible long-term option. The Middle Dam Renewal Project is anticipated to take 5 years to complete.

Middle Dam supports the water levels of Upper and Lower Richardson Lakes. Middle Dam supports recreational uses through the management of water levels and flows controlled by the FERC license. Continuation of these operational levels is necessary for meeting FERC requirements and maintaining the fishing, whitewater rafting, boating, swimming, hiking, private commercial enterprises, property values, wildlife, and fisheries habitats of Richardson Lake.

For more information about Hydropower Permit 30 - Middle Dam Renewal please contact Joshua Brown, LUPC, by telephone at (207) 670-7492 or email at

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HP 30 Draft Decision May 1, 2019

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