COVID-19 Information for Agriculture and Food Businesses

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, DACF has worked to ensure that functions critical to the agency and industry needs are met and carried out in the interest of public safety and public health. To keep our agricultural producers, businesses, and service providers as up-to-date as possible on health and safety issues with the ongoing COVID-19 situation, DACF will maintain the most recent information and guidance from the Maine Centers for Disease Control and our federal and state partners. We are in contact with producers and agricultural organizations across Maine to try and find effective ways to minimize the negative impact on growers and address your concerns and issues. Please continue to reach out, and we will do our best to respond and share as much information as we can during this time.

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Essential Public Health Information

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Information (updated 4/1/2021)
    • Maine’s strategy for distributing its limited allocation of COVID-19 vaccines has been updated. Maine CDC is no longer utilizing the phased approach to vaccine distribution and instead will be implementing an age-based approach. According to Maine CDC:
      • This age-based approach to vaccination eligibility reflects recent scientific data indicating that age is among the strongest predictors of whether an individual is likely to get seriously ill and die from COVID-19, even more so than risk factors such as underlying medical conditions.
      • Maine’s vaccine eligibility age groups are:
        • March 3: Age 60 and older
        • March 23: Age 50 and older
        • April 7: Age 16 and older
        • Maine residents are eligible to receive a vaccine in Maine at this time. 
          • A Maine resident is defined as an individual living in the State of Maine with the intent to remain, or has entered the State with a job commitment and intends to live in Maine while working in Maine. Proof of residency includes but is not limited to a Maine-issued driver’s license or state identification card; a bill or other piece of mail that includes the person’s name and Maine address; or, in the case of individuals entering the State for a job, a letter or statement from their employer verifying their employment in Maine. This may include seasonal workers, seasonal residents, and individuals living in Maine for higher education.
    • As of March 2, 2021, Maine PreK-12 teachers and school staff, and workers at licensed child care facilities are also eligible for vaccination per new federal policy.
    • To find out how and where to get vaccinated, please visit the following sites: COVID-19 Vaccination in Maine and COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs
    • The US Food and Drug Administration has published a webpage on COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Food and Agriculture Sector. This resource includes information about vaccine safety, effectiveness, benefits, and availability.
    • The US CDC’s Communication Tool Kit for Essential Workers includes resources about how to communicate to employees about the vaccine, such as flyers, posters, and talking points.
    • The Department will update this section frequently.
  • US Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 Information
  • COVID-19 Prevention, Symptoms, FAQs
  • Maine CDC COVID-19 Information
  • Maine 2-1-1 COVID-19 Resources
  • FDA Information Comparing Respirators, Facemasks and Cloth Face Coverings and Appropriate Uses
  • NEW 4/14/21: The National Center for Farmworker Health will be awarding $1.2 million to facilitate vaccine access and to continue COVID-19 prevention and mitigation efforts for farmworker families- nonprofits, agricultural employers and others are encouraged to apply.  he Center is now accepting applications for grants of $1,000 - $100,000 each. Nonprofit organizations, agricultural employers, and others are encouraged to apply to support programming around COVID-19 vaccination, testing, treatment, and prevention.  Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis with an expected project period beginning as early as 4/16/21 through 9/29/21. Visit the Center's website for the request for proposals and grant application forms.  

COVID-19 Operational Guidance

The resources below provide information to farmers and food producers about how to safely provide their services on-farm and in some public-facing situations.

Five Executive Orders have been issued that relate to the wearing of face-coverings in publicly accessible businesses.

Together, these orders require face-coverings to be worn by the public state-wide in public settings, regardless of the ability to maintain physical distance, with some limited exceptions.

In addition, the state has issued guidance for businesses who interact with the public that details face-covering enforcement options.

If you wish to report a potential situation of non-compliance, you may report those details using this form. The information will be reviewed by appropriate agency or agencies and responded to as needed.

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Notice of Temporary Building Closure

  • DACF’s Deering Building, which houses the Bureau of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources, and Harlow Building, which houses the Maine Forest Service, are temporarily closed to the public. Should you require assistance, please call (207) 287-3200. Thank you.