Big E Maine Building Info for Fairgoers

Visit us at the Maine Building from September 15 to October 1, 2023.
Maine Day at the Big E is Saturday, September 16, 2023.

The Big E is an annual event that begins on the second Friday after Labor Day and runs for 17 days each September.

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The Maine Building

The State of Maine Building is an exhibition venue showcasing the best of Maine to more than 850,000 visitors annually who attend "The Big E." The building is located on the grounds of Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts on the Expo’s Avenue of New England States.

The Agricultural Resource and Development Division of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF) operates and maintains the building for the purpose of "exhibiting, publicizing and advertising Maine's products and resources in agriculture, industry, fisheries, forests, wildlife and recreation." The State of Maine has participated in this exciting display of New England traditions since 1925.

Maine Building Exhibitors

Find contact information, product offerings, and learn more about featured brands and businesses.

2024 Exhibitor Map and Roster - Coming in spring 2024.

2023 - Prior Year Map & Roster


Other "Big E" Activities, Events and Tickets

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