The State Veterinarian is responsible for animal, poultry and aquatic health. She oversees certification and testing programs to ensure compliance with interstate and international requirements for the exportation of animals, and she assists dairymen in upgrading production techniques to improve milk quality.

She works to prevent the introduction and spread of contagious, infectious, and parasitic disease among poultry and livestock, especially those diseases transmitted to humans, directly or indirectly.

Our veterinarian visits the agricultural fairs which showcase Maine's finest livestock. She ensures compliance of health regulations, and monitors for the presence of disease and the use of illegal drugs in pulling events.

Animal Health Staff Contacts

Michele Walsh, State Veterinarian 207-287-7615
Cindy Kilgore, Livestock Specialist 207-215-4968
Justin Bergeron, Asst. State Veterinarian 207-592-6698
Donna Flint, Poultry Health Technician 207-557-4623
Melissa Freeman, Office Associate II 207-287-3701