About the Maine Charter School Commission

The Maine Charter School Commission is one of two types of entities permitted to authorize public charter schools in Maine. The Commission can authorize up to 10 public charter schools throughout the state during the first 10 years of Maine's charter school law.

While the Charter School Commission receives some staff support from the Maine Department of Education, it is an independent body.  

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Commission Membership


The Charter School Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Maine State Board of Education. Three of the seven are members of the State Board. Maine's charter school law calls for the remaining four members to come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.

Maine's Public Charter Schools Law

Maine's public charter school law took effect on Sept. 28, 2011. The state's first charter schools opened in the fall of 2012.

Contact: (207)624-6729

Bob Kautz

Executive Director


Phone - 207-624-6728

Fax - 207-287-2109



Amy L. Allen

Senior Support Coordinator


Phone - 207-624-6720

Fax - 207-287-2109




Gina Post

Dir. of Program Management


Phone - 207-441-6571

Fax - 207-287-2109