Long Creek Youth Development Center

Amanda Woolford, Acting Correctional Administrative Officer


675 Westbrook Street
South Portland, ME 04106

Phone: (207) 822-2617
Fax: (207) 822-2775

Population Capacity:  163
Number of Staff:  174.5

Long Creek Youth Development Center photo

Mission Statement

The Long Creek Youth Development Center is committed to creating and providing opportunity for success through personal growth in a safe and secure environment.

The Long Creek Youth Development Center, formerly the Maine Youth Center, and before that called the Boys' Training Center, was established in 1853.  Originally opened as a reform school with working farms, a chair caning shop, a kiln house, brickyard, tool house and wharf were located here at some time during the last one hundred and fifty years. In 1976, the juvenile female offenders housed at the Stevens School for Girls in Hallowell transferred to the Center and by an act of the Legislature, the boys training center was renamed to the Maine Youth Center.  On August 6, 2002, the residents were moved to the new Long Creek Youth Development Center, and the Maine Youth Center was relegated to the history books.  

Long Creek Youth Development Center (LCYDC) is a 164 bed secure juvenile facility located at 675 Westbrook Street, South Portland, Maine. LCYDC functions as a comprehensive multi- disciplinary risk reduction program.  LCYDC provides education, behavioral health, medical, worship services, and recreational services in a secure environment to both committed population as well as detention population.  LCYDC serves male and female offenders ages 11 - 21 throughout Maine and serves all committed female offenders throughout the state.

The A.R. Gould School, Long Creek Youth Development Center's Educational Program, meets all requirements of the Maine Department of Education and is a fully accredited High School; to include the newly legislated Common Core Standards.  The teaching staff are highly qualified and meet the requirements of NCLB. The school has completed a SAU Comprehensive Education plan that reflects current educational research and practices related to student achievement.  We provide an education program for juveniles, detained and adjudicated, between the ages of 11 to 21.  The school is a year round school beginning on September 1st and running through August 31st.  There are 224 student contact days and five sessions, with four regular sessions parallel to those of other Maine public schools.  The fifth or summer session focuses on credit recovery and Interest area classes.  Teachers also work on professional development activities, curriculum work, and recreation activities with students in the summer.