Juvenile Reports & Statistical Data

The Maine Department of Corrections (MDOC), Division of Juvenile Services is committed to reducing the use of institutional secure confinement by increasing the capacity and use of community-based programming and supports. In the last five years, the Division of Juvenile Services has significantly reduced the use of secure confinement by strategically investing in community-based programming for justice involved youth. 

MDOC Division of Juvenile Services is committed to improve quality assurances; improve access to valid and reliable data; and use the information to make data-driven decisions as it pertains to contracted community programming. MDOC is currently partnered with  Atlantic Cooperation, University of Southern Maine Muskie School of Public Service & The Maine Statistical Analysis Center to support MDOC in this commitment. 


division of juvenile services reports

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CCLP Full Report

Maine Juvenile Justice System Assessment 2020

2018 Positive Youth Outcomes Report

2018 Positive Youth Outcomes Report

2017 Recidivism

2017 Youth Recidivism Report

2020 Youth Recidivism Report Coming Soon 

2019 & 2020 Positive Youth Outcomes Report Coming Soon