Charleston Correctional Facility Industries

Charleston Correctional Facility provides industries and vocational programs in wood harvesting, small saw mill operation, and finished lumber production. These programs are accomplished through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. The cooperative agreement allows the wood harvesting program to provide land management services to the 7,000+ acre Bud Leavitt Wildlife management area that abuts the facility property.

Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife employees cruise the timber stands and mark trees that need to be harvested. When the marking of a stand is completed, the CCF woods crew harvest the marked trees to include cutting them into saw quality logs.

Sawmill operations at Charleston Correctional Facility

The saw quality logs of both hard and soft woods are brought to the CF sawmills, where the logs are cut into dimensional lumber. The lumber is kiln dried on site in a state-of-the-art lumber drying kiln.

The finished lumber is used in the CCF industry program to manufacture fine furniture, wood crafts, prefabricated shelters, and in many other construction projects.



Wood products made at CCF Industries Program The dried lumber is also sold to other Department of Corrections facilities, and to other state agencies at a substantial savings, even though the lumber quality is exceptional.

For more information, you may email Jeffrey A. Morin, Director

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