Charleston Correctional Facility


Chadwick Curtis, Acting Director

1202 Dover Road
Charleston, ME 04422
(207) 285-0800

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Mission Statement

Charleston Correctional Facility is a community-based correctional environment comprised of a dedicated team of professionals who promote public safety, preserve the rights of victims, fulfill the mandates of the criminal justice system, instill into the prisoners a real-world work ethic, and address the individual needs of the adult prisoner to positively affect his reintegration to society.


The Charleston Correctional Facility is located on the site of the former Charleston Air Force Station in Charleston, Maine. The facility opened with about 30 prisoners under the administrative control of the Maine Correctional Center in 1980.

Between 1981 and 1985 a second dorm was opened which brought the facility prisoner count to 62. Then in 1985 a third dorm was opened which increased the prisoner population to 93 prisoners. This was the year the facility split away from the Maine Correctional Center and assumed primary responsibility for its own development and operation.

In 1990 the State’s prisoner population was in a growth pattern which resulted in a new “bat wing dorm” being constructed. The facility count was then increased to 143.
During the next 9 years our prisoner population grew to 180+ with four dormitories open.

In 1999 the facility became a co-correctional facility in order to house a segment of the rapidly expanding minimum security female prisoner population. One dormitory was closed and the facility’s population was adjusted to 131 male and 32 female prisoners.

In 2001 during a major restructuring of the Maine Department of Corrections the facility was downsized. The female population was moved to new housing at the Maine Correctional Center in Windham and the male population was cut back to 75 with an overcrowd count of 95.

In 2007, the facility opened a second, 55 bed-dorm in order to assist with the higher volume of prisoners entering the system. The facility currently averages approximately 145 prisoners.

General Overview

The Charleston Correctional Facility has evolved into a dynamic program offering real-world work experience, coupled with evidence-based programming and transitional services. Our facility has consistently been a leader in all areas of minimum/community security corrections.

Prisoners housed at Charleston Correctional Facility have the opportunity to make significant strides toward self-improvement. The prisoners are afforded the opportunity to improve their life skills, employability and self-knowledge through vocational training, community restitution programming, academics, counseling programs and a unique work release program; all of which assist the prisoner in a positive reintegration to the greater community.


Population Capacity: 155

Custody Level of Prisoners: Minimum/Community rated prisoners with less than 3 years remaining on their sentences

Number of Staff:

  • Staffing:  Staffing is unique as many positions share responsibilities between C.C.F. and the neighboring Mountain View Youth Development Center. However, the basic package includes
    • 27 Operations staff
    • 13 Maintenance/restitution staff
    • 9 Program/services staff
    • 4 Food service staff
    • 3 Industries staff
    • 1 Director

2010 Classification Statistics

  • 217 prisoners were admitted to C.C.F. in 2010.
  • 109 prisoners were released from C.C.F. in 2010.
Number and types of releases/transfers:
  • 54 prisoners went to straight release;
  • 55 prisoners were released to probation;
  • 20 released to equal or lower custody facilities;
  • 76 transferred to higher custody facilities.

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