Prisoners housed at the Bolduc Correctional Facility have the opportunity to make significant strides toward a positive reintegration to society. The prisoner can improve his skills, employability and self-knowledge through vocational training, academic and computer education, and counseling programs. The Bolduc Correctional Facility places a great deal of emphasis on a sound work ethic. This is a working facility and meritorious extra good time will only be awarded if earned. Most prisoners recognize this and their efforts are reflected in the overall success of this correctional facility.

Unit Management System

The Bolduc Correctional Facility's Unit Management Team is comprised of a Unit Manager, Zone Supervisor, Correctional Caseworker, Correctional Care/Treatment Worker, Substance Abuse Counselor, Mental Health Worker, Correctional Officer, and a Unit Clerk.

This team has decision-making authority regarding certain programs and security decisions for prisoners who reside at this facility. Unit Management is a more effective way to manage programs.

Case Management

Each housing unit at BCF has its own caseworker or care/treatment worker (CTW). The caseworker or CTW is the resource person that the prisoners go to regarding day-to-day problems which they may be experiencing. The caseworker or CTW provides information on institutional and community programs, and makes necessary referrals to the proper resources. The caseworker or CTW responds to family crises, emergency situations, and coordinates furloughs for deathbed visits and funeral trips, as prison policy allows. The caseworker or CTW works closely with the Department of Human Services in the areas of child protection, parental rights, and child support payments. The caseworker or CTW also provides pre-release planning and coordinates with social service agencies in the community which the prisoner will be released to.


The Bolduc Correctional Facility is very active in the community. For well over 20 years, the facility's programs have worked to assist local municipalities, state agencies, school departments, community action agencies and regional historical societies. Projects have ranged from building wheel chair ramps at the homes of handicapped individuals to major construction and renovations such as the Cushing School and the Thomaston Branch of the University of Maine.

The "Hot Shot" Firefighting crew travels throughout the state assisting the State of Maine Forestry Departments. This group has been active for well over ten years and is highly acclaimed for its firefighting efforts.

Crews from the Bolduc Facility have assisted area municipalities and state agencies with roadside clean up and waste dump control. We currently provide the Department of Transportation with three full-time crews. This program has evolved into a major cooperative effort by two state agencies to provide a service to the State of Maine.

Work Release

For nearly 15 years the Bolduc Correctional Facility operated a Work Release Program in the local communities. It was suspended in 1988 to focus primarily on farming and vocational training, but the increase in population has created a need to return to this program.

In the past few years the work release program has grown from two prisoners to a maximum capacity of 30. While on Local Work Release, prisoners will pay room and board as well as any other court ordered restitution.

Religious services

Religious services are also available at the Bolduc Facility and are coordinated by the Chaplain at the Maine State Prison. Many faiths are represented and services, prayer meetings, and study groups are scheduled. Outside religious groups provide numerous activities to our population including an annual Christmas party.