Central Maine Pre-Release Center

Chadwick Curtis, Acting Director

The Central Maine Pre-Release Center opened in Hallowell in 1979, on the grounds of the former Stevens School complex, under the jurisdiction of the then Department of Mental Health and Corrections.

The Department of Corrections continues to work very closely with the Hallowell Citizens Advisory Group who were included in the original planning process for this pre-release facility.

To date, the Department still upholds its pledge that sex offenders who have been convicted of a crime against a "stranger" will not be housed at the Central Maine Pre-Release Center.

Prisoners at this unit participate in public restitution work crews and a work release program. The public restitution program has provided approximately 22,000 man hours of free labor annually to citizens of the greater Kennebec County region. The facility is also the site for phase 2 of the Departments' residential substance abuse treatment program (Transitional Therapeutic Program).

The facility, in conjunction with S.A.D. 16, Adult Education, also offers approximately 50 hours of educational classes to the inmate population each week.

Central Maine Pre-Release Center has developed a crime prevention program, which is designed for presentations in the public schools and other similar forums. The primary focal points of the Right Choices Program are substance abuse and anger related issues. The prisoners' message to the students is a simple one: learn to make better choices by being made aware of the consequences of our poor choices.

The Director of the Central Maine Pre-Release Center reports to the Associate Commissioner for Community Corrections. More information about Community Corrections