MV Correctional Facility - History

Charleston Correctional Facility

The Charleston Correctional Facility (CCF) is located on the site of the former Charleston Air Force Station in Charleston, Maine.

1980 - CCF opens under the administrative control of the Maine Correctional Center.
Capacity: 30 male prisoners

1981 to 1985 - A second dorm is opened.
Population increases: 62 male prisoners

1985 - A third dorm is opened. CCF splits away from the Maine Correctional Center and assumes primary responsibility for development and operation of facility.
Population increases: 93 male prisoners

1990 - Growth in State’s prisoner population necessitates construction of new “bat wing dorm.”
Population increases: 143 male prisons.  During the next nine years CCF’s prisoner population grows to 180+ with four dormitories open.

1999 - Facility becomes coed to house a segment of the rapidly expanding minimum security female prisoner population. One dormitory is closed.
Population adjusted: 131 male and 32 female prisoners

2001 - Major restructure of the Maine Department of Corrections. CCF is downsized-female population moved to new housing at the Maine Correctional Center in Windham and male population reduced.
Population adjusted: 75 male prisoners (with an overcrowd count of 95)

2007 - A second, 55 bed dorm is opened due to increase of inmates entering the prison system.
Average population: 145 male prisoners

2014 - Due to Statewide increase in minimum security prisoners, CCF renovates unoccupied dorm.
Population capacity: 211 male prisoners

Mountain View Youth Development Center

1998 - The Northern Maine Juvenile Detention Facility opens to house detained juvenile offenders on the grounds of the Charleston Correctional Facility. The 40 bed facility alleviates northern and central county jails of holding juveniles in adult county jails and/or transporting them to Southern Maine.  

2002 - Due to a rising rate of juvenile incarceration, the Maine Department of Corrections Juvenile Services expands its services by building and reorganizing two new facilities: The Mountain View Youth Development Center in Charleston and the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland.

Capacity of Mountain View expands to provide services for long-term commitments, alongside the detention beds. Committed juveniles are afforded the opportunity to continue their education through a unique alternative school that provided special education services, vocational programs in culinary, carpentry and small engine repairs. Professional staff provide therapeutic treatment and substance abuse treatment, psychological and cognitive behavior therapies, religious and recreational activities, and 24 hour medical services.

April 2014 - While still serving a reduced juvenile population in one unit, services are expanded and the new Young Adult Offenders Program (YAOP) is launched.  The mission of the YOAP is to serve incarcerated young adult male offenders 18-25, who require evidenced-based programs and services (educational, therapeutic, and substance abuse) designed to meet individual risks and needs. The goal of the YAOP is to promote life-long skills that are focused on reducing the likelihood of reoffending, while encouraging pro-social thinking and behaviors, in a safe and secure environment.