Maine State Prison - Today

Maine State Prison - 2005

The Maine State Prison houses adult male residents classified as high risk, protective custody, close, medium, and minimum custody, with minimum custody residents held awaiting transition to minimum security facilities.  

As part of the move to the new facility, the Maine State Prison and the Department of Corrections went under the Unit Management Concept of managing residents.  Unit Management divides the resident population up into smaller units managed by multi-disciplinary Unit Teams.

Maine State Prison consists of:

  • Special Management Unit: housing High Risk Management residents, residents assigned to the Mental Health Stabilization Unit, and residents on Administrative Segregation or Disciplinary Status. Residents are housed in single cells in 3 separate pods.
  • Close Unit:  residents classified as close custody, residents classified as protective custody, and residents on reception status.  Residents are housed in single cells in 6 pods.
  • Medium Unit:  residents classified as medium custody and residents classified as minimum awaiting transfer to a minimum facility. Residents are housed in double cells (6 pods) with the exception of one pod of single cells.

Maine State Prison is fully handicapped accessible and has cells in each pod for physically handicapped residents, allowing for full integration into the prison population.