Noteworthy Milestones

Following a January of 2006, audit by auditors from the American Correctional Association (ACA), the Maine State Prison was officially awarded accreditation status by a four-person commission panel at the ACA Summer Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina that August. The Maine State Prison has maintained its accreditation status with subsequent re-accreditations in 2010, (Winter ACA Conference-Tampa, Florida), 2013 (Winter ACA Conference-Houston, Texas), and 2017, (Winter Conference-San Antonio, Texas).

In February of 2012, a special team of investigators was formed. The team was initially called Inner Perimeter Security (IPS) but has since been renamed Special Investigations and Intelligence (SII). They are responsible for monitoring and investigating criminal and illicit activity of residents including drug trafficking, assaults, gang activity, etc.

The facility’s Intensive Mental Health Unit was opened in February of 2014. Its purpose is the stabilization of those incarcerated males throughout the state that have been diagnosed with serious mental health disorders.

The Maine State Prison successfully underwent a Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) audit in July of 2016. The facility will undergo subsequent PREA audits every three years.

A Level System was implemented in 2018. It is a four-level system intended to promote positive social behavior amongst the residents by offering various incentive-based opportunities at each level.